Somerville (crater)

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Somerville crater AS15-M-2250.jpg
Apollo 15 mapping camera image
Coordinates 8°18′S 64°54′E / 8.3°S 64.9°E / -8.3; 64.9Coordinates: 8°18′S 64°54′E / 8.3°S 64.9°E / -8.3; 64.9
Diameter 15 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 296° at sunrise
Eponym Mary F. Somerville

Somerville is a small lunar impact crater in the eastern part of the Moon. It lies to the east of the prominent crater Langrenus, and was designated Langrenus J before being given a name by the IAU. This is a roughly circular, bowl-shaped formation, with the larger but less conspicuous Langrenus H attached to the northwest rim. The rim has a protruding lip that extends slightly toward the southwest.

This is one of a handful of lunar craters named after a woman, Mary Somerville.