Someshwari River

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Someshwari River in Netrakona district of Bangladesh

Someshwari River (also spelt Someswari) (Bengali: সোমেশ্বরী নদী), known as Simsang River in the Indian state of Meghalaya, is a major river in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya and Netrakona District of Bangladesh. It divides the Garo Hills into two parts.


In Bangladesh it flows through the Susang-Durgapur and other areas of Netrakona District till it flows into the Kangsha River. A branch of the river flows towards Kalmakanda and meets the Balia River.[1] Another branch of the river flows into the haor areas of Sunamganj District and flows into the Surma River[2] It is one of Bangladesh's trans-boundary rivers.[3]


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