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Old Kannada inscription dated c.1068 AD of Western Chalukya King Bhuvanaikamalla Someshvara II
Western Chalukya (973-1200)
Tailapa II (957–997)
Satyashraya (997–1008)
Vikramaditya V (1008–1015)
Jayasimha II (1015–1042)
Someshvara I (1042–1068)
Someshvara II (1068–1076)
Vikramaditya VI (1076–1126)
Someshvara III (1126–1138)
Jagadhekamalla II (1138–1151)
Tailapa III (1151–1164)
Jagadhekamalla III (1163–1183)
Someshvara IV (1184–1200)
Veera Ballala II
(Hoysala Empire)
Bhillama V
(Seuna Empire)
(Kakatiya dynasty)

Someshvara II (IAST: Someśvara; r. 1068 – 1076 CE) who was administering the area around Gadag succeeded his father Someshvara I (Ahavamalla) as the Western Chalukya king. He was the eldest son of Someshvara I. During his reign Someshvara II was constantly under threat from his more ambitious younger brother Vikramaditya VI. Eventually Someshvara was deposed by Vikramaditya VI.

Chola invasion[edit]

Almost immediately after coming to power, Someshvara II had to face an invasion by the Chola forces led by Virarajendra Chola. The Chola army invaded the Chalukya country and laid a siege to the town of Gutti in (Kurnool district) and attacked Kampili. Instead of assisting his brother in order to save the Chalukya kingdom, Vikramaditya turned the troubles of his brother into his opportunity to capture the Chalukya throne.

Vikramaditya's Opportunism[edit]

Vikramaditya saw the opportunity presented by the confusion in the kingdom due to the Chola invasion. Vikramaditya seduced Someshvara's feudatories from their loyalty towards the monarch, and with their aid, entered into negotiations with the Chola king Virarajendra.

Vikramaditya made his alliance with Virarajendra.

Chalukya civil war[edit]

The political situation drastically changed when Virarajendra died in 1070 and his son Athirajendra Chola came to the Chola throne. Kulothunga Chola I eventually came to the Chola throne in a confusion created by civil disturbances in which Athirajendra was assassinated. As Vikramaditya was antagonistic towards Kulothunga, Someshvara II went into an alliance with Kulothunga and prepared to attack Vikramaditya.

The conflict eventually occurred in 1075 when Kulothunga launched an attack on Vikramaditya. Someshvara aided Kulothunga Chola by attacking Vikramaditya's rear. What resulted was a brief civil war in which Someshvara suffered heavy defeats. Vikramaditya captured the Chalukya king and imprisoned him. Vikramaditya VI proclaimed himself the Chalukuya king in 1076.

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Preceded by
Someshvara I
Western Chalukyas
Succeeded by
Vikramaditya VI


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