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Something in the Water
Original poster
Directed byAidan O'Bryan
Written byAidan O'Bryan
Produced byJanelle Landers
CinematographyDavid Le May
Aidan O'Bryan
Mark Parish
Edited byLeanne Cole
Aidan O'Bryan
Chris Trappe
Distributed byWBMC
Release date
  • 14 February 2008 (2008-02-14)
Running time
75 minutes

Something in the Water is a 2008 Australian documentary film written and directed by Aidan O'Bryan. Using live, archival, and interview footage shot in Los Angeles, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Windsor in Berkshire, England, it explores the history and environment behind the development of local and nationally acclaimed musical talent in Western Australia.

The film was funded by Perth media production company WBMC, headed by screenwriter/director Aidan O'Bryan and producer Janelle Landers.[1]

The film follows the rise to fame of some of Western Australia's most successful musicians. Something in the Water features more than fifty interviews with bands including Little Birdy, The Waifs, The Sleepy Jackson, Eskimo Joe, End of Fashion, Jebediah, Le Hoodoo Gurus, The Panics and Red Jezebel.[2] The film asks whether Perth's talented spawn can be attributed to the city's isolation, the environment or the music scene itself, or whether there is, in fact, something in the water.[2]

Something in the Water premiered at the Astor Theatre in Perth and had a limited theatrical run in that city. It later was shown at the FTI Fremantle Film Festival[3] and the 2008 WAMi Festival.[4] An accompanying two-disc compilation of various Western Australian artists became available via MGM Distribution[5] as well as online in January 2009.

The film was screened on ABC2 on 13 May 2009.[6] Following this national broadcast, the film was released on DVD on 3 July 2009 via MGM Distribution.[7] The DVD includes additional interview footage with Eskimo Joe, John Butler, The Triffids, Dave Faulkner and Kim Salmon.[8]

Some people have noted that the film neglects to mention some of the more notable Perth performers from the 1970s and even 1960s. While Johnny Young makes an appearance, other performers like Glen Ingram & The Hi-Five, Bakery,[9] The Elks, Fatty Lumpkin,[10] Sid Rumpo, Dave Warner, The Dugites and Rip Torn & The Stockings and groundbreaking producer Martin Clark[11] and his Clarion Records[12] are completely ignored (although The Dugites do make an appearance on the film's soundtrack double CD release).

Featured entertainers[edit]


The soundtrack includes music from the film as well as music that inspired the film.

Track listing[edit]

Something in the Water - Disc 1
1."From the Sea"Eskimo Joe3:21
2."Relapse"Little Birdy3:40
3."O Yeah"End of Fashion3:04
4."Beware Wolf"Gyroscope3:26
5."Good Dancers"The Sleepy Jackson4:14
6."Flame"Bob Evans3:18
7."Sun Dirt Water"The Waifs3:39
8."Something's Gotta Give"John Butler Trio3:11
9."Drinking Too Much"The Kill Devil Hills4:01
10."Desire Be, Desire Go"Tame Impala4:13
11."Hoodoo You Do"The Devil & Abbe May4:10
12."Swimming with Sharks"Snowman2:40
13."Bish Bosh II: The Bish Bosh"Tucker B's4:46
14."Pretty Boys"Sex Panther3:34
15."Sleeping Dogs"Schvendes4:38
16."City Walls and Empires"Institut Polaire4:23
17."Black Sheets"Birds of Tokyo3:16
18."I Got Your Soul"Sugar Army3:30
19."Nightcrawl"The Silents2:51
20."Kicking Deadly Sins"Red Jezebel2:45
21."The General Calling"The Panics5:13
Something in the Water - Disc 2
1."Wide Open Road"The Triffids4:11
2."At First Sight"The Stems4:03
3."Tojo Never Made It To Darwin"Hoodoo Gurus3:25
4."Frantic Romantic"The Scientists2:48
5."Television Addict"The Victims3:00
6."Centre of Pride"The Manikins2:47
7."I Like It Both Ways"Supernaut3:41
8."In Your Car"The Dugites3:00
9."Heaven (Must Be There)"Eurogliders3:45
10."Rush You"Baby Animals4:11
13."Leaving Home"Jebediah3:08
14."Old Soul"Rosemary Beads3:47
15."Crystal Beerhouse"Adam Said Galore3:57
16."Jump for Joy"Cinema Prague3:08
17."Enemy Mine"Blackeyed Susans4:09
18."Set Back"Johnny Young and Kompany1:53
19."Hallowed Ground"Yummy Fur8:40


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