Somewhere in Berlin

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Somewhere in Berlin
Directed by Gerhard Lamprecht
Written by Gerhard Lamprecht
Starring Charles Brauer, Hans Trinkaus, Siegfried Utecht, Harry Hindemith, Hedda Sarnow
Music by Erich Einegg
Cinematography Werner Krien
Release dates
Running time
85 min.
Country East Germany
Language German

Somewhere in Berlin (German:Irgendwo in Berlin) is an East German film. It was released in 1946, and was the third DEFA film. It sold 4,179,651 tickets.[1] It was part of the group of rubble films made in the aftermath of the Second World War.



A group of children play bravely in the ruins of Berlin after World Wart II. One boy's father comes home from a POW camp. The boy is saddened by his father, who is a hopeless, powerless man, but the children eventually give the father fresh hope by persuading him to clean up his badly bomb-damaged garage.



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