Sommers–Bausch Observatory

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Sommers–Bausch Observatory
Sommers-Bausch Observatory.jpg
Organization University of Colorado Boulder
Observatory code 463 Edit this on Wikidata
Location Boulder, Colorado
Coordinates 40°00′13.4″N 105°15′45.0″W / 40.003722°N 105.262500°W / 40.003722; -105.262500Coordinates: 40°00′13.4″N 105°15′45.0″W / 40.003722°N 105.262500°W / 40.003722; -105.262500
Altitude 1653 meters
Unnamed Telescope 24" Boller and Chivens
Romulus 20" Planewave CDK
Remus 20" Planewave CDK
Sommers–Bausch Observatory is located in the US
Sommers–Bausch Observatory
Location of Sommers–Bausch Observatory

Sommers–Bausch Observatory is an astronomical observatory located on and owned by University of Colorado Boulder. It was completed in 1953 and named after Elmer E. Sommers and Carl L. Bausch.

It is operated by the university's Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS). Telescopes include two 20" Planewave CDK telescopes on Software Bisque Taurus 500 encoder mounts, a 24" Boller and Chivens Cassegrain reflectors, and a 10-inch aperture heliostat (solar telescope). The observatory also possesses multiple smaller telescopes and ancillary equipment.[1]

The observatory hosts free public open houses on Friday nights during the academic semester, hosted by students and faculty.[2]


In 1949 the University of Colorado received a bequest of $49,054 from the estate of Mayme Sommers in memory of her husband Elmer E. Sommers. These funds were used to construct the observatory, which was built in an adapted rural Italian style to match buildings on the campus. The building was dedicated on August 27, 1953, during the 89th meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

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