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Somogyi is a Hungarian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Csaba Somogyi (born 1985, Dunaújváros), a Hungarian football player
  • Ervin V. Somogyi (born 1944), pioneer of steel string guitar making
  • Ferenc Somogyi (born 1945, Hartkirchen, Austria), Hungarian Ambassador to the United States
  • Jennie Somogyi, New York City Ballet principal dancer
  • József Somogyi (born May 23, 1968), Hungarian football player
  • László Somogyi (1907, Budapest – 1988, Geneva, Switzerland), Hungarian conductor
  • Michael Somogyi (1883–1971), professor of biochemistry at Washington University who discovered the Somogyi effect of insulin overdosage
  • Zoltan Somogyi, senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne's Department of Computer and Information Systems

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