Sohn Suk-hee

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Sohn Suk-hee
Born (1956-06-20) June 20, 1956 (age 62)
Seoul, South Korea
Education University of Minnesota
Occupation Television/Radio personality, Former Announcer, Professor
Years active 1984-present
Sohn Suk-hee
Revised Romanization Son Seokhui
McCune–Reischauer Son Sŏkhŭi

Sohn Suk-hee is a South Korean anchor and president of JTBC's news reporting division. He was also a former professor at Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, South Korea.

He is considered one of the most influential figures in South Korean media.[1]


Early Life and Education[edit]

When Sohn Suk-hee was in the lower grades in Seoul Yonggang elementary school, he lived in Pil-dong, Jung-gu. He was stubborn and tough at the moment. ‘This student is such a thick head’ was written in his report card when he was second grader. He used to play with the orphans near the Toegye-ro, but he was so poor that he was in the similar position with them. Later, his family moved to Seongbuk-gu. After he graduated Sorabol middle school, he entered the Whimoon High School and became a member of the broadcasting club. There, he met Song Sueng Hwan, who planned Nanta. His experience in there played the crucial role of becoming an announcer. In 1976, he entered Kookmin University and studied Korean Literature. Students in Kookmin University called him ‘school uniform’, because he had only worn black clothes. In 1979, he joined the Army in Busan.

At MBC[edit]

Sohn Suk-hee joined MBC in 1984 as an announcer. In 1985, he became an anchor of 1minute News, Morning News and Work Site 85. He was also an MC of Teenager Special. In 1986, he was an anchor of 0 o’clock News and Here is MBC. He was an MC of Health 100years. In 1987, he became an anchor of the MBC Newsdesk on weekends until 1989. In 1989, he was an anchor of News Center and an MC of Scholarship Quiz. In 1990, he became an anchor of the Evening News. In 1992, he joined the MBC labor union. After he was arrested, he drew attention by speaking, “Do not change what you think is right. Keep your principle before you die.” He had driven to the leader of the union, so he and some of his colleagues were imprisoned in Yeongdeungpo detention center. In 1993, he came back with being an MC of Making Morning, Choice, Saturday is Good, and Opening a Dawn.[2] In 1994, he was an anchor of News Wide and a MC of Jazz Concert in the Midsummer Night and 1994 MBC Riverside Music Festival. He was also a DJ of Morning opened by Sohn. In 1995, he was an anchor of <MBC News Today>. In 1996, he was an MC of Police, Finding Suspects. In 1997, he was an anchor of <Good Morning, Korea> and a MC of Sohn Suk-hee's Adventure to America. In 1999, he was an anchor of Morning News 2000. In 2000, he was a MC of 2000 Today. He also emceed FM radio named Sohn Suk-hee's Focus until 2013. He was a MC of Wow! e Wonderful World[3] and Media Criticism in 2001. He emceed MBC 100 minute Debate, which is one of the most popular TV programs in Korea from 2002 to 2009. In 2010, he narrated the documentary Lion Queen.

On May 9, 2013, Sohn Suk-hee was named the new president of JTBC’s news reporting department. And he said that officially, “I know there is opposition to my choice. But I hope people can wait for me to carry out what I have been contemplating about true journalism. I will do my best to let them understand it in the future.”[4]

At JTBC[edit]

Hong suk hyun said JTBC could succeed after several attempts to recruit him. He said that he want JTBC to be the broadcast to have a most talented person. He said Sohn Suk-hee was a man he could find who can broadcast very fair. Later, and Sohn suk-hee said trust him and he’ll do everything he can. On May 9, 2013, a report was made that Sohn move to the comprehensive channel JTBC. JTBC has decided to assume the presidency of the press. In an interview with Sisa IN, he said “The tone would be different from the JoongAng Ilbo. As long as I have the full power of the press section, it seems to me that I will do my job”. From September 16, 2013, the news that JTBC News 9 will be performed solely is on the news, which means he will be the sole anchor of JTBC News 9. In 2014 January 1, for the new year special edition, he led the discussion in 4 years. In 2013, JTBC News boasted an overwhelming number[clarification needed] of reporters than the three terrestrial broadcasters in relation to the press evaluation of the intervention of the National Intelligence Service. On April 16, 2014, JTBC News 9 reported the Sinking of MV Sewol, and the story came out. While he was interviewing with safety expert, when the expert said it was hard to make air into the ship was hard, Sohn couldn’t say any word. After the interview he was still in a choked voice. Also, in April 21 when he was interviewing the family of missing person, a missing person was found dead and the interview was finished, he gulp down tears. From April 24 to April 29 2014, JTBC News 9 was conducted locally in Peng Mok Port, Jindo, Jeollanam-do, to report on the disaster. It was well received as news that it hurts the families of the missing people. This led to national interest and trust, and recorded audience ratings close to terrestrial broadcasters. On September 22, 2014, JTBC News 9 was reorganized into the JTBC Newsroom.

Participication in a Strike[edit]

There was a famous reporting program of MBC named <PD’s note>. In 1992, MBC cancelled an episode of <PD’s note> which was about a prediction about a collapse of rural economy which was caused by 1992 Uruguay Round. MBC cancelled it because a CEO of MBC who wanted the ruling party to rule continuously, estimated that the episode would bring disadvantage to the ruling party at next presidential election. Through this event, many journalists of MBC decided to go on a strike to clamour for transition of MBC to an impartial broadcasting company, and Sohn Suk-hee was one of them. The strike had lasted 52 days, and Sohn Suk-hee was arrested for leading the strike and was detained in Yeongdeungpo detention center with several of his colleagues during the strike.

Current Condition[edit]

He is a news chief of JTBC. Also, he is an anchor of a news program named “News Room.” He married Shin hyun sook whose job is an announcer. He has two sons, Sohn Gu Yong and Sohn Gu Min. He has been picked to the most convincing journalist in surveys that <Current Affairs IN> does since 2007, when <Current Affairs IN> started their surveys.His news program was also picked to the most convincing news program in a survey targeting 1000 adults live in Korea. It was because his news program earned a lot of credit while they were reporting about Sewol ferry affair and about Choi Soon-sil gate.


Year Organization Position
2013.05 ~ JTBC President, JTBC News Division
2011.01 Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor's Office prosecutor Policy Advisory Council
2006.03 Sungshin Women's University College of Humanities Department of Culture Communication Professor
2005 ~ 2006.02 MBC Director of Bureau of Announcer
2004 Yonsei University Department of Journalism Adjunct Professor
2003 MBC Director treat of Bureau of announcer Part.1
2002.03 ~ 2003 MBC Director of Bureau of announcer Part.2
2000.09 Sungkyunkwan University Department of Journalism Adjunct Professor
1999.04 ~ 2002.03 MBC Deputy head of Department of Bureau of announcer
1997.04 ~ 1999.04 MBC Deputy head treat of Department of Bureau of announcer
1989.11 ~ 1992.10 MBC Director of department of education and culture in Union, Assistant administrator of External Relations


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