Son nom est Dalida

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Son nom est Dalida
Son nom est Dalida cover.jpg
Studio album by Dalida
Released 1957
October 29, 2002 (Remastered)
April 20, 2005 (Re-release)
Recorded 1957
Genre World music, Pop music, Exotica


(2002) (2005)
Dalida chronology
Son nom est Dalida
Singles from Son nom est Dalida
  1. "Madona / Mon cœur va / Flamenco bleu / Guitare flamenco, also "Volume 1""
    Released: 1956
  2. "La violetera / Le torrent / Gitane / Fado, also "Volume 2""
    Released: 1956
  3. "Bambino, also "Volume 3""
    Released: 1956

Son nom est Dalida (lit. "Her Name is Dalida") is the debut album by French singer Dalida, released in 1957, by Barclay Records, catalogue number 80055. In 2002, Barclay Records, an imprint of Universal Music France, released a digitally remastered version of the original LP release in CD and 10" (25 cm) vinyl record (LP), under the same name, and also repackaged as Bambino, Volume 1. The album was again re-released in 2005, under the repackaged name of Bambino, Volume 1.


The album contains Dalida's first hit single "Bambino" and her first song that was ever on a record: "Madona." Her style here is really more exotic than pop, a musical style which changes for her future 1950s-1960s albums.

Track listing[edit]

Vinyl record format[edit]

Side One
  1. Bambino - (Nisa (Nicola Salerno), Giuseppe Fanciulli / Jacques Larue)
  2. Fado
  3. Aime-moi
  4. Flamenco bleu
  5. Le torrent
Side Two
  1. Madona
  2. Guitare flamenco
  3. Gitane
  4. Mon cœur va
  5. La violetera

Compact disc format[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Adapted by Length
1. "Bambino"   Nisa (Nicola Salerno) Giuseppe Fanciulli Jacques Larue 3:32
2. "Fado"   Henri Decker     3:37
3. "Aime-moi"   Maurice Vidalin, Jacques Datin     2:48
4. "Flamenco bleu"   L. Wagner     2:23
5. "Le torrent"         2:55
6. "Madona"   Carlos Piratininga     3:05
7. "Guitare flamenco"   Charles Dumont, Michelle Senlis, Claude Delecluse     3:06
8. "Gitane"   Charles Dumont     2:55
9. "Mon cœur va"   Charles Dumont     2:52
10. "La Violetera"         3:49


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  • Dalida Official Website (English) (French)

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