Son of Bazerk

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Son of Bazerk
Origin Long Island, New York, United States
Genres East Coast hip hop
Hardcore hip hop
Alternative hip hop
Experimental hip hop
Political hip hop
Years active 1983–1995, 2009–present
Labels Soul Entertainment
Slam Jamz
Associated acts The Bomb Squad
Members Son of Bazerk
Almighty Jahwell
Daddy Rawe
Half Pint
Past members The Band (DJ)

Son of Bazerk is an American hip hop group consisting of Son of Bazerk (real name Tony Allen); Almighty Jahwell (Jeffrey Height); Daddy Rawe (Gary Stanton); Half Pint (Cassandra Jackson).[1] It was formed by Hank Shocklee, member of the producer team the Bomb Squad.


The band formed in the mid-1980s, originally as Townhouse 3. After coming to the attention of hip hop Hank Shocklee, member of the Bomb Squad, which produced early Public Enemy albums, they chose the name Son of Bazerk.[2] The group released a debut album in 1991 called Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk, credited to Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the Band, which was fully produced by the Bomb Squad. The album received some positive reviews yet it didn't sell well.

Almost 20 years later, the group reunited and released an album produced by DJ Johnny Juice, who produced the latest Public Enemy albums, on Chuck D's label Slam Jamz. That comeback was praised by some media, such as The Village Voice[3] and Time Out[4]

Half Pint has become a teacher and administrator at Roosevelt High School, Roosevelt, Long Island.[5]


Musical influences[edit]

The band's sound is highly inspired by James Brown, and the cover of their debut Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk was a direct homage to James Brown's debut LP Please, Please, Please.

Interesting facts[edit]

  • According to the members, the idea of the band's reunification was born after reading the internautes' reaction on a Son of Bazerk and DJ Johnny Juice interview on the website, many people asking them to release a new album.[6][7]
  • Flavor Flav, member of Public Enemy, was introduced to Chuck D by Son of Bazerk (Tony Allen) in the early 80's when he was doing a radio show on WBAU at Adelphi University.[6]
  • Rapper Mac Miller included Son Of Bazerk's "Change The Style" vinyl single in his video for "Senior Skip Day" at the very beginning.