Son of Geronimo

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Son of Geronimo
Son of Geronimo.jpg
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Produced by Sam Katzman
Written by Royal K. Cole
Arthur Hoerl
George H. Plympton
Starring Clay Moore
Rodd Redwing
Tommy Farrell
Eileen Rowe
Bud Osborne
Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Cinematography William P. Whitley
Edited by Earl Turner
Distributed by Columbia Pictures (U.S.)
Release date
  • November 1, 1952 (1952-11-01) (U.S.)
Running time
15 chapters (240 min)
Country United States
Language English

Son of Geronimo (1952) was the 50th film serial released by Columbia Pictures. It is based in the historical figure of Geronimo, prominent Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache, who defended his people against the encroachment of the United States on their tribal lands for over 25 years.


Jim Scott attempts to bring peace between west-bound settlers and native Apaches. This task is made harder by a band of local outlaws


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. War of Vengeance
  2. Running the Gauntlet
  3. Stampede
  4. Apache Allies
  5. Indian Ambush
  6. Trapped by Fire
  7. A Sinister Scheme
  8. Prisoners of Porico
  9. On the Warpath
  10. The Fight at Crystal Springs
  11. A Midnight Marauder
  12. Trapped in a Flaming Teepee
  13. Jim Scott Tempts Fate
  14. A Trap for Geronimo
  15. Peace Treaty


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