Son of the Guardsman

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Son of the Guardsman
Poster of the movie Son of the Guardsman.jpg
Directed byDerwin Abrahams
Produced bySam Katzman
Melville De Lay (associate)
Written byLewis Clay
Harry L. Fraser
George H. Plympton
StarringRobert Shaw
Daun Kennedy
Robert 'Buzz' Henry
Jim Diehl
Charles King
Narrated byKnox Manning
CinematographyIra H. Morgan
Edited byEarl Turner
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
October 24, 1946 (1946-10-24)
CountryUnited States

Son of the Guardsman is a 1946 Columbia film serial. It was the 31st of the 57 serials produced by that studio.

Son of the Guardsman is a rare serial with a period setting, in this case 12th century England. The serial is largely based on the Robin Hood legends, to the extent of including outlaws from Sherwood Forest, but it does not include or reference Robin Hood himself.

The serial was produced by the notoriously cheap Sam Katzman and directed by Derwin Abrahams. Robert Shaw starred as the heroic noble-turned-outlaw David Trent with Charles King as his villainous uncle Sir Edgar Bullard.


Set in the middle ages, Sir Edgar Bullard conspires to conquer England. In doing so, he kidnaps the daughter of his rival, Lord Markham. This causes his nephew, David Trent, to turn against him and join the outlaws in Sherwood Forest, who are led by Allan Hawk. Meanwhile, the outlaws of the forest support the usurped Prince Richard as the rightful ruler of England, who has been usurped by the regent Lord Hampton.



Son of the Guardsman is based on the Robin Hood legends, although it does not include Robin Hood, just the period and Sherwood Forest setting.[1] The serial was made to use costumes and sets left over from feature films, amortising the costs of all the productions involved.[2] Costume drama serials were rare productions for any producer.[2] The serial's subtle was "Gallant Fighter of the Greenwood."


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. Outlaws of Sherwood Forest
  2. Perils of the Forest
  3. Blazing Barrier
  4. The Siege of Bullard Hall
  5. A Dagger in the Dark
  6. A Fight for Freedom
  7. Trial by Torture
  8. Mark Crowell's Treachery
  9. Crushed to Earth
  10. A Throne at Stake
  11. Double Danger
  12. The Secret of the Treasure
  13. Into the Depths
  14. The Lost Heritage
  15. Free Men Triumph


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