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Sonagiri Jain Tirth
  • सोनागिरी (Hindi)
  • Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Shetra Sonagiri
Sonagiri Jain Temple, MP, India.jpg
Sonagiri Jain Tirth
Basic information
LocationDatia, Datia district, Madhya Pradesh
FestivalsMahavir Jayanti
Governing bodyShri Dig. Jain Siddha Shetra Sonagiri Samrakshini Committee
Date established9th century

Sonagiri (Hindi: सोनागिरी) about 60 km from Gwalior, has scores of Jain temples dating from the 9th century onwards. It is located in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, India. This location is popular among devotees and ascetic saints to practice self-discipline, austerity and to attain Moksha (salvation or liberation).


In Hindi, Sonagiri means a mountain ('giri') of gold ('sona').[1][2]


Image of Chandraprabhu Bhagwan at Sonagiri.

According to Jain texts, since the time of Chandraprabhu (the 8th Teerthankar), five and half crores of ascetic saints have achieved moksha (liberation) here. The place is considered sacred by devotees. There is a rock cut image of Chandraprabhu dating back to 5th to 6th century.[3] The Samavsharan of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu came here seventeen times. Nang, Anang, Chintagati, Poornachand, Ashoksen, Shridatta, Swarnbhadra and many other saints achieved salvation here. This is a unique place known as Laghu Sammed Shikhar covering the area of 132 acres of two hills. There are 77 Jain temples with high spires, Temple number 57 is the main temple among them. Acharya Shubh Chandra and Bhartrihari lived and worked here for spiritual achievements.

Main Temple and Idol[edit]

Temple Number 57 is the main temple. This is vast in size and possess an attractive artistic spire. In this temple the principal deity is Lord Chandraprabha, 11 feet in height and two other idols of Lord Sheetalnath and Parsvanatha are installed. There is a column of dignity (Manstambh) near the temple at 43 feet in height and a model of Samavsharan.


Sonagiri can be accessed via Dabra-Datia Road. This also lies on Gwalior-Jhansi Road. Sonagiri Railway Station lies on Agra-Jhansi rail line.


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