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IndustryOpensource Software
  • Freddy Mallet
  • Olivier Gaudin
  • Simon Brandhof
Area served
WebsiteOfficial website

SonarSource is a company that develops open source software for continuous code quality. Founded by Freddy Mallet, Olivier Gaudin, and Simon Brandhof in 2008, SonarSource is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] The main product of the company named “SonarQube” is a free open source platform to do automatic code reviews, with different paid extensions. The Enterprise package from SonarSource attracted around 900 customers, including eBay, Bank of America, BMW.[7]


SonarSource provides code quality and security solutions to detect maintainability, reliability and vulnerability issues on 20 programming languages including Java, C#, JavaScript, C/C++, COBOL.Their solutions are built on top of a paradigm to manage technical debt “the water leak” which means putting the focus on the “new” code; that is, the code that was added or changed since the last release, or the last commit/check-in.[8][9]

Financial Backing[edit]

In 2016, the company raised $45 million of funding from Insight Venture Partners, a US investment firm.[7][5][6][10]


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