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宋, 松, 訟
Revised RomanizationSong

Song is a Korean family name derived from the Chinese surname Song. Songs make up roughly 1.4% of the Korean population; the 2000 South Korean census found 622,208 in that country.


  • Song (宋) family : Various Korean family name.
  • Song (訟) family : unknown origin, later surname change to Sung (成).
  • Song (松) family : the Song Yang (松讓) ethnicity in the Buyeo kingdom.


Song (宋) clans include the Yeosan, Eunjin, Jincheon, Yeonan, Yaseong, Cheongju, Sinpyeong, Gimhae, Namyang, and Bokheung.[1]

One Song (松) clan is the Yongseong.[2]

List of persons with the surname[edit]

  • Song Oh-kyun (1892–1970) Korean Independence Activist
  • Song Yi-kyun (1885–1927) Korean Independence Activist
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