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Song Ikpil
Revised Romanization Song Ikpil
McCune–Reischauer Song Ikp'il
Pen name
Hangul 구봉, 현승
Hanja ,
Revised Romanization Gubong, Hyeonseung
McCune–Reischauer Kubong, Hyŏnsŭng
Courtesy name
Hangul 운장
Revised Romanization Unjang
McCune–Reischauer Unjang
Posthumous name
Hangul 문경
Revised Romanization Mungyeong
McCune–Reischauer Mun'gyŏng

Song Ikpil (February 10, 1534 - August 8, 1599) was a politician and Neo-Confucian scholar and educator.[1][2] His pennames were Gubong (구봉, 龜峰) and Hyeonseung (현승, 玄繩), and his courtesy name was Unjang (운장, 雲長). Song was best friends of Yi I, Seong Hon and Jeong Cheol and taught Kim Jang-saeng.


  • Gubong jip (구봉집, 龜峰集)
  • Hyeonseung jip (현승집, 玄繩集)
  • Garye juseol (가례주설, 家禮註說)
  • Hyeonseung pyeon (현승편, 玄繩編)

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