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This is a Korean name; the family name is Song.
Song Il Gook
Song Il Gook.jpg
Song Il Gook at a press conference in Tehran, Iran, 18 August 2009.
Born (1971-10-01) October 1, 1971 (age 43)
South Korea
Alma mater Chung-Ang University
(MFA, 2007-)[1]
Cheongju University
(BFA, 2006)[1]
Years active 1988–present
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)[1]
Relatives Kim Du-han (grandfather)[1]
Kim Eul-dong (mother)
[1] Song Song-il (sister)[1]
Korean name
Revised Romanization Song Il-guk
McCune–Reischauer Song Ilguk

Song Il Gook (alternately Song Il Guk or Song Il Kuk) (송일국) is a popular South Korean actor. He starred in several historical Korean dramas such as Jumong and Emperor of the Sea. He graduated from the Cheongju University and majored in Performing Arts. He is the grandson of Kim Du-han, great grandson of Kim Jwa-jin, the famous Anarchist and Korean independence movement general during the early 1900s. Song is the son of actress and congresswoman Kim Eul-dong.[2]

Song typically takes on physically challenging roles that require sword-fighting, martial arts and horsemanship. He is a vice-president of the Korean Triathlon Confederation[3][4] and participated in the 2008 Seoul International Triathlon Competition.[5] In April 2008, Song carried the Olympic torch through Seoul.[6][7]

Additionally, Song has talent as a sketch artist. His skill was captured during filming of Emperor of the Sea and The Kingdom of The Winds.[8]

In addition to acting, Song has modeled professionally, both on the runway and in print. In 2008, he and several of his colleagues, Joo Jin-mo, Go Soo, Jang Keun-suk, and Park Jae-jung, were the subjects of the Kolon Christmas Photo Shoot.[9]

In 2009, the state of Hawaii designated March 21 as Song Il-Gook day.[10]

In April 2010, Song was invited to the Blue House to dine with heads of state, including the president of Kazakhstan because the series Jumong garnered popularity in Kazakhstan.[11]

Song adheres to a pescetarian diet for health and ethical reasons.[12]

Personal life[edit]

On March 15, 2008, Song was wed to a Busan High Court Judge, initially identified only by her family name Jung, in a private traditional Korean wedding[13] away from the media spotlight at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul.[14] Later, Song's bride's full name was revealed to be Jeong Seung Yeon (정승연).[15] On the morning of March 16, 2012, Song Il Gook’s wife, Jung Seung Yeon gave birth to triplet sons at a hospital in Seoul. The triplets are named Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se, which also means "Long Live the Republic of Korea" when said together. Song Il Gook with his three sons are currently starring in the variety show Superman is Back.


TV series[edit]

Year Title Role Network
1999 Did We Really Love? MBC
Goodbye My Love MBC
Into the Sunlight MBC
2000 All About Eve MBC
2002 Hard Love Na Young-jae KBS2
Jang Hui-bin Kim Chun-taek KBS2
Album of Life Shin Hyung-shik KBS1
2003 Bodyguard Han Sung-soo KBS2
Desert Spring Ki-hyun MBC
2004 People of the Water Flower Village Kang Sung-woo MBC
Terms of Endearment Na Jang-soo KBS1
Emperor of the Sea Yeom Moon/Yeom Jang KBS2
2006 Jumong Jumong, later King Dongmyeong MBC
2007 Lobbyist Harry/Kim Joo-ho SBS
2008 The Kingdom of The Winds Prince Muhyul, later King Daemusin KBS2
2010 A Man Called God Michael King/Choi Kang-ta MBC
2011 Crime Squad Park Sae-hyuk KBS2
Fermentation Family Ki Ho-tae jTBC


Year Title Role
2005 The Art of Seduction Seo Min-jun
Red Eye
2014 Tattooist Murderer Han Ji-soon
Entangled Hyun Ki-jeung

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Network Role
2014 Superman is Back KBS2 Series regular



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