Song for Ronnie James

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"Song for Ronnie James"
Song by Jorn from the album Dio
Released 2 July 2010
Recorded Early 2009
Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Length 8:07
Label Frontiers
Writer(s) Jørn Lande
Producer(s) Tommy Hansen

"Song for Ronnie James" is a song by Norwegian heavy metal singer Jorn from the tribute album Dio. It was written as a tribute to the deceased Ronnie James Dio who died a couple of months earlier. The song is the only on the album which isn't a Dio / Black Sabbath / Rainbow cover. It has been performed live many times but the most notable was at "Brew House" Gothenburg, Sweden when the crowd sang almost the whole song. Clocking at 8:07 it is the longest track on the album.

The music video, together with the announce of the tribute album, was released in the internet just five days after Dio's deceasing news, which caused some critique and especulations, as Lande was accused of exploiting the death of Dio. Later the record company explained that the album had been in the works since spring of 2009, before Dio's death in May 2010.


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