Songam Cavern

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Coordinates: 39°28′36″N 125°36′19″E / 39.47675°N 125.605316°E / 39.47675; 125.605316

Songam Cavern
Songam Cave.jpg
Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 송암동굴
Hancha 松巖洞窟
Revised Romanization Song-am Donggul
McCune–Reischauer Song'am Tonggul

Songam Cavern is a major tourist venue in North Korea. It consists of 17 well-lit karst caves full of picturesque stone formations including stalactites and stalagmites. The cavern is located in Kaech'ŏn-si, South Pyongan Province.

Among the 70 scenic sites within the caverns are the flower gate (Kkotmun Dong), a waterfall (Phokpho Dong), an underground snowscape (Solgyong Dong) and a series of geological curiosities named Kiam Dong.

The venue is lighted and air conditioned. International tourism to the site is administered through the Korea International Travel Agency in Pyongyang.

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