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Songara or Songira is the name of a branch of the Chauhan clan of Rajputs. Several dynasties belonging to this clan ruled small kingdoms and principalities in medieval India. These include the Chahamanas of Jalor, and the rulers of the Ambliara State. The Deora ruling family of the Sirohi State was also descended from the Chahamanas of Jalor. The Songara rulers of Sikar and Shekhawati were the descendants of Chahamanas of Sirohi. 1380-1614 as rulers of Sikar and 1614-1948 as rulers of Shekhawati.

Kirtipala, the first Chahamana ruler of Jalor ruled his domains from Suvarnagiri or Sonagiri, the hill on which Jalor Fort is located. Because of this, the branch to which he belonged came to be known as Sonagara or Songara.[1] The Jalor branch ended with Kanhadadeva, who was defeated and killed by the forces of Alauddin Khalji.


Songara Rajputs belong to the Agnivanshi group of Rajputs, who claim descent from Agni, the Vedic god of fire. Their sub-clans include:

  1. Maansinghot Sonigara[2]
  2. Bhansinghot Sonigara


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