Songhong Road Station

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Songhong Road Station
Shanghai Metro
Songhong Road Station.JPG
Location Shanghai
Operated by Shanghai No.2 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 2
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward East Xujing
Line 2

Songhong Road (Chinese: 淞虹路站; pinyin: Sōnghóng Lù Zhàn) is the name of a station on Line 2 of the Shanghai Metro. It was the western terminus of the line when it opened, but ceased to be when the line's western extension opened in March 2010. The station is still often used as a terminus for west-bound trains meaning passengers have to disembark and wait for another train for the remainder of the journey.

The station is located in Changning District.

Coordinates: 31°13′18″N 121°25′36″E / 31.22167°N 121.42667°E / 31.22167; 121.42667