Songjiazhuang Station

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Beijing Subway
Songjiazhuang station platform 1.jpg
The station of Line 5
Location Beijing
Operated by Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd
Opened October 7, 2007(Line 5)
December 30, 2012(Line 10)
December 30, 2010(Yizhuang Line)
Preceding station   Beijing Subway   Following station
Line 5 Terminus
outer loop / anticlockwise
Line 10
inner loop / clockwise
Terminus Yizhuang Line
towards Ciqu

Songjiazhuang Station (simplified Chinese: 宋家庄站; traditional Chinese: 宋家莊站; pinyin: Sòngjiāzhuāng Zhàn) is a station on Line 5, Line 10, and the Yizhuang Line of the Beijing Subway. This is a connecting station, terminal for Line 5 and Yizhuang Line. These two stations lie in the perpendicular directions, so that the passengers leaving the train from Line 5 proceed ahead to get to the station of Yizhuang Line. The station handled a peak passenger traffic of 262,800 people on May 5, 2013.[1]

On December 30, 2012, Phase 2 Section 1 of Line 10 opened, passing through Songjiazhuang Station, making Songjiazhuang Station the 3rd 3-way transfer station of Beijing Subway (The first two being Xizhimen Station and Dongzhimen Station).

The Yizhuang Line has three platforms employing the spanish solution. For the Yizhuang Line departing passengers use the middle platform, whereas the arriving passengers disembark to the side platforms.

The station of Yizhuang Line. The platform of line 5 is ahead


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Coordinates: 39°50′40″N 116°25′19″E / 39.8444°N 116.422°E / 39.8444; 116.422