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Songkhla Rajabhat University (Thai: มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏสงขลา) or SKRU is a Thai public university under the Rajabhat University system. The campus is in Songkhla Province, south Thailand.

Songkhla Rajabhat University contains seven faculties: Arts, Agricultural Technology, Education, Humanities and Social Science, Industrial Technology, Management Science, and Science and Technology.

Faculty of Arts[edit]

The Faculty of Arts is responsible for supporting local culture and national culture. Dimensions of absorbing arts include Musical Art, Visual Art and Performing Art.[1]

Faculty of Science and Technology[edit]

In 2000, Faculty of Science and Technology contained nine programs:

  • Food Science
  • Chemistry and Applied Chemistry
  • Computer
  • Environment Science
  • Health Science
  • Physics and General Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Biology and Applied Biology
  • Rubber Technology and Polymer


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Coordinates: 7°10′20″N 100°36′50″E / 7.17222°N 100.61389°E / 7.17222; 100.61389