Songkhram River

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The Songkhram River (Thai: แม่น้ำสงคราม, rtgsMaenam Songkhram, Thai pronunciation: [mɛ̂ːnáːm sǒŋ.kʰraːm]) is the one of tributaries of the Mekong River. It originates in the hills between Nong Han district, Udon Thani Province and Sawang Daen Din district, Sakon Nakhon Province. Outing there, it flows through Seka district (Nong Khai Province), Wanon Niwat (Sakon Nakhon Province), Si Songkhram district and mouths to the Mekong River in tambon Chai Buri, Tha Uthen district, Nakhon Phanom Province. It is 420 kilometres (260 mi) long.

Coordinates: 17°39′08″N 104°27′45″E / 17.6521°N 104.4624°E / 17.6521; 104.4624