Songs for Siigoun

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Songs for Siigoun
EP by Jenn Grant
Released 2010
Genre pop
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Songs for Siigoun
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Songs for Siigoun is an EP by Canadian singer-songwriter Jenn Grant, released in 2010. The EP, originally recorded as a gift for her fiancé Daniel Ledwell's newborn niece Siigoun,[1] was released to online music stores such as iTunes, as well as in a limited edition CD version with individually hand-painted covers, which was sold exclusively at Grant's live shows.[1]

The EP features covers of John Denver's "Annie's Song" and Tanya Davis' "Gorgeous Morning", as well as two original songs.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Annie's Song"
  2. "Back to the Country"
  3. "Gorgeous Morning"
  4. "Let's Get Started"