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Sonia Fowler

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Sonia Fowler
Sonia fowler22.jpg
EastEnders character
Portrayed byNatalie Cassidy
Duration1993–2007, 2010–2011, 2014–
First appearanceEpisode 922
2 December 1993 (1993-12-02)
Created byTony McHale
Introduced by
EastEnders: The Podcast (2019)
ClassificationPresent; regular
Café worker

Sonia Fowler (also Jackson)[1] is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, played by Natalie Cassidy. Her first appearance was on 2 December 1993 and she departed on 2 February 2007. She returned briefly[2] in 2010 along with other members of the Jackson family,[3] and re-appeared in the soap from 8 to 18 February 2010 and again in January 2011. Sonia returned as a permanent character on 14 January 2014, as part of a storyline that saw her mother Carol (Lindsey Coulson) develop breast cancer.[4] Sonia is the first character in soap opera history to tackle the issue of the BRCA gene.[citation needed] Cassidy took maternity leave in 2016 and Sonia left on 20 September 2016 for her dream job in Kettering.[5] Cassidy made two guest stints during her maternity leave, on 25 December 2016 via webcam and for a three episode arc from 14 to 18 April 2017. She returned full-time on 27 June 2017.

Sonia has been featured in storylines including affairs, feuds, bereavements, family problems, teenage pregnancy and a cancer scare. In 2000, Sonia discovers that she is pregnant at 15 and gives birth to a daughter Rebecca Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) whom she puts up for adoption. She begins a relationship with Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder) who is later killed on Christmas Day 2002. Sonia is known for her problematic marriage with Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou/James Bye), which ends in 2006 when Sonia begins an affair with nurse Naomi Julien (Petra Letang). The pair eventually reconcile for their daughter Rebecca, however Sonia begins a feud with Martin's mother Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard) which ends when Pauline is murdered. Sonia is originally arrested for her murder, however, Pauline's husband Joe Macer (Ray Brooks) is her murderer.

Since her return in 2014, Sonia's storyline has included coming out as bisexual, a cancer scare and relationships with Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) and Gethin Pryce (Cerith Flinn).



Sonia and her family move to Albert Square. She is the third of Carol Jackson's (Lindsey Coulson) four children and the result of her mother's one-night stand with Terry Cant, whom Sonia never knew. During her childhood, she becomes close friends with Clare Tyler (Gemma Bissix) and the two are inseparable until Clare falls in with the wrong crowd at school and starts bullying Sonia but they reconcile before Clare leaves in 1998. Sonia has sex with Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) but starts dating Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder). Not knowing she is pregnant, Sonia goes into labour and gives birth to Martin's daughter. Baby Chloe (later renamed Rebecca) is subsequently given up for adoption, despite protests from Martin's mother Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard). However, Sonia becomes obsessed with her daughter and abducts her, locking herself in her house with the baby. Despite pleas from Rebecca's adoptive parents, it is Sonia's step-grandmother, Dot Cotton (June Brown), that persuades Sonia to return the baby.

Sonia and Jamie get engaged, but due to Jamie's fling with Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) and constant rowing, the relationship ends. Sonia dates Gus Smith (Mohammed George), who plans to propose, but he is devastated when Sonia reconciles with Jamie after he is brutally assaulted by his godfather Phil (Steve McFadden). Sonia helps him, nursing him through his injuries and they decide to marry but their happiness is short-lived as Martin accidentally hits Jamie with his vehicle. Sonia keeps a bedside vigil and is with Jamie when he dies.

Sonia eventually forgives Martin and as they grow closer, they fall in love and eventually elope. Sonia begins nursing training and she and Martin live with Pauline but struggle to cope with her interference. Martin gets unwittingly involved with a stalker, Sarah Cairns (Alison Pargeter), who tries to ruin his marriage. This culminates in Sarah holding Sonia and Martin hostage and stabbing Martin, until Sonia knocks her unconscious. Sonia and Martin face further upset when they discover that their daughter's adoptive parents have died in a car crash. They visit Rebecca's (Jade Sharif) guardian, Margaret Wilson (Janet Amsden), hiding their true identity but when Margaret realises who they are, she asks them to leave. Pauline also interferes and visits Rebecca with Martin. Sonia is furious when she learns this and animosity in the Fowlers' home puts a strain on Martin and Sonia's relationship so she spends her time with a colleague, Naomi Julien (Petra Letang); feelings develop and they begin an affair. Martin is heartbroken when his marriage ends and the situation is complicated further by Rebecca, who, on Margaret's request, is spending more time at the Fowlers'. Margaret decides to make the Fowlers' Rebecca's legal guardians but does not include Sonia when she finds out about her lesbian fling. Margaret dies and Martin takes custody of Rebecca and Pauline tries to stop Sonia having any contact with Rebecca. This makes Sonia distraught and preoccupied with Rebecca. Feeling neglected, Naomi ends their relationship.

Sonia becomes depressed and begins to neglect her work and drink alcohol, until Gus helps her straighten her life out. Sonia and Gus begin a second romance, which ends due to Sonia's lingering feelings for Martin. Sonia and Martin receive their divorce papers. However, both regret getting divorced and they reconcile. Pauline eventually finds out and tells Martin that she is dying from a brain tumour to stop him moving in with Sonia. Just as Pauline intends, Martin ends his relationship with Sonia in order to care for her, but when the truth finally comes out, a furious Martin moves out anyway. Pauline responds with ire, threatening to cut her son from her life. Sonia tries to build bridges with Pauline but an argument ends with Sonia slapping Pauline. When Pauline is found dead later that day, Sonia fears that she caused her death. She discovers that Rebecca witnessed the slap and tries to silence her daughter, but Rebecca tells Dot at Pauline's funeral. Appalled, Martin refuses Sonia access to Rebecca. Fearing imprisonment Sonia goes on the run, abducting Rebecca. Martin is frantic, but days later Sonia returns and she is arrested on a murder charge; however, that night Dot uncovers the identity of Pauline's real murderer — Pauline's husband Joe Macer (Ray Brooks), who had argued with Pauline on Christmas Day and struck her over the head, causing her death. Sonia is released and decides to leave Walford for Manchester. After making peace with Martin, she takes a taxi and is about to leave Walford when she sees Martin and Rebecca obstructing the road; Martin has decided that he wants to go with Sonia. The Fowlers reunite and leave as a family. They spend time touring the USA before settling in Manchester.


Bianca invites Sonia to her wedding to Ricky and Sonia attends alone. She rejects a phone call from Martin and gets very drunk. The following day, Sonia walks in on Dot slapping her granddaughter Dotty Cotton (Molly Conlin) across the legs, leading to Dot's arrest, though she is released without charge. Bianca notices Sonia has continuously avoided talking about Martin and Rebecca. Sonia visits Jamie's grave and later returns to The Queen Victoria pub, and drunkenly berates Phil, Jamie's godfather, about his treatment of Jamie. Phil says he considers Jamie to be one of his own children and tells Sonia to go upstairs to sober up. She misunderstands him and gets into his bed, naked. As Phil sees Sonia in bed, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) walks in and slaps Phil across the face. Sonia confides in Carol about her marriage problems and Carol advises her to try to stay together for Rebecca's sake. After Ricky and Bianca's wedding, Sonia decides she must make a fresh start with Martin and leaves again. However, it is later revealed that Sonia and Martin are no longer together.


In January 2014, Carol informs Sonia, who is having marital problems with Martin again, about her breast cancer diagnosis. Carol has the BRCA gene and Sonia finds out she has inherited it. Sonia kisses Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White), which Tina's girlfriend, Fiona "Tosh" Mackintosh (Rebecca Scroggs), finds out about, so Tina end her friendship with Sonia to protect her relationship. Sonia, who has started a weight loss class, arranges to have a gastric band in Bulgaria, telling friends and family she is on a course. When she returns, she tries to confess to her class but collapses before she can do so. Sonia and Martin (now played by James Bye) separate and Sonia starts to feel isolated and depressed. Sonia is supported by Tina but Sonia backs away when Tina goes to kiss her as Sonia is unsure of her feelings.

Martin moves back into the area and Rebecca (now played by Jasmine Armfield) moves in with him, as she resents Sonia for leaving Martin. Martin believes he can repair his marriage, but Tina and Sonia share a kiss, which Martin sees. He tells everyone in The Vic about Sonia and Tina, but Sonia ends their relationship. Martin sends Rebecca, who now wants to be called Bex, to live with Sonia so she can spend more time with her mother. Sonia also repairs her relationship with Tina. Martin moves in with Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner), while Sonia and Tina embark on a full relationship. Sonia and Martin's divorce is finalised. After Tina drunkenly humiliates Sonia at an awards ceremony and Sonia rejects her, Tina has sex with Sophie Dodd (Poppy Rush) and regrets it, but before she can tell Sonia, Sonia reveals she has found a lump in her breast. Sonia forgives Tina for the humiliation, but Sophie tells Sonia that Tina cheated and their relationship ends, but they soon reunite. After having her breast lump checked, Sonia is given the all-clear.

Sonia receives a lucrative job offer at a private hospital in Kettering and, having realised she no longer loves Tina, ends their relationship. Bex is furious and thinks Sonia is abandoning her. Bex later calms down and she says an emotional farewell. Several months later, following Madison Drake (Seraphina Beh), Alexandra D'Costa (Sydney Craven) and her former friend Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) continuously bullying Bex, Sonia returns after Bex phones her in tears. Sonia accuses Martin and Stacey of not caring about Bex and tells Martin she wants Bex to live with her. Sonia meets Bex's teachers before returning to Kettering. Sonia returns to Walford and lets herself into Dot's house, finding Dot on the floor after tripping. Sonia and Robbie, who has also returned, move in with Dot to help care for her. It is revealed that Sonia is hiding a secret from her time in Kettering meaning she no longer wants to return there. Although Sonia wants Bex to move in with them, Bex chooses to stay with Martin and Stacey.

Sonia starts dating Bex's teacher Gethin Pryce (Cerith Flinn) but is unaware that Bex is infatuated with him. Bex and Gethin kiss and after Bex's attempts to pursue him and he eventually confesses to Sonia. Gethin subsequently resigns his job at the school and leaves Walford, and Sonia tells Bex that she has done nothing wrong. In December 2017, Sonia discovers Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) having a miscarriage and supports her when she believes that she has left her husband Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) down. In January 2018, it is discovered that Stacey has slept with Max, which subsequently fractures Martin and Stacey's relationship. Stacey kicks Martin out and Sonia agrees for him to move into No. 25 with her and Bex. Sonia discovers that she may still be in love Martin and agrees to go on a date with him. However Martin still has feelings for Stacey, which upsets Sonia. When Bex decides that she doesn't want to go to university, Sonia pressures Bex into applying to Oxbridge University, much to Bex's annoyance. Bex tells Sonia that she is feeling upset since her boyfriend Shakil Kazemi (Shaheen Jafargholi) was killed and that she isn't ready for university, and Sonia supports Bex's decision. Sonia and Dot care for Harold Legg (Leonard Fenton) when he becomes ill and he moves into No.25. A swastika is graffitied on Dot's door which causes Dr Legg to fall into a panic attack. Sonia blames Dot's new lodger Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) for the attack and threatens to report him to the police if she comes anywhere near No. 25. However Stuart is innocent and the perpetrators behind the attack are young youths. Sonia's niece Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) is involved in a drug ring and Sonia discovers this when Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) informs her. Sonia and the Brannings try to help Tiffany and promise to pay off the drug dealers that Tiffany and her friend Evie Steele (Sophia Capasso) owe money to, in order for Tiffany to stay. Tiffany discovers that Sonia is lying and attempts to leave, but Sonia stops her from leaving causing Tiffany to slap her. They lock Tiffany in and finally release her when she agrees to speak up about the drug ring.

When Bex takes an overdose, Sonia finds her and is dismayed when she realises it was a suicide attempt. She blames herself. Martin returns to Walford and Sonia is angry with Martin for being absent. She is forced to give him a false alibi when police question him about stolen vehicles and convinces him to tell the truth. She forgives him but Martin's behaviour continues and he is injured during an attack so Sonia throws him out. She forgives him again and realises that she still has feelings for him.


Sonia as she looked in 1993

1994 was a "historic" year for EastEnders, as in April, a third weekly episode was introduced.[6] Due to the programme's increased frequency, a number of new characters were introduced to the regular cast in the latter part of 1993 and early 1994.[6] Among them were the Jackson family: mother Carol (Lindsey Coulson), her four children, Bianca (Patsy Palmer), Robbie (Dean Gaffney), Sonia (Natalie Cassidy), and Billie (Devon Anderson), as well as Carol's partner Alan Jackson (Howard Antony). Though Carol and Alan were not initially married in the serial, and though Alan was only the biological father of Billie, the whole family took on Alan's surname. The family was created by writer Tony McHale.[7]

Various members of the family began to appear sporadically from November 1993 onwards, but in episodes that aired early in 1994, the Jacksons moved from Walford Towers, a block of flats, to the soap's focal setting of Albert Square. Their slow introduction was a deliberate attempt by the programme makers to introduce the whole family over a long period.[6] The Jacksons have been described by EastEnders scriptwriter Colin Brake as a "classic problem family".[6]

Cassidy was 10 years old when she joined the soap as Sonia.[8] She was spotted doing improvisations at the Anna Scher Theatre School by Tony McHale and EastEnders' Casting Advisor Jane Deitch. They liked Cassidy and she was asked to audition at Elstree studios, after which she was offered the part. None of the actors cast as the Jackson family were matched for appearance or screen compatibility. Cassidy commented, "it was all decided without doing that. I don't think it particularly mattered that none of us Jackson kids looked like each other because all our characters had different dads!"[7]


Early on in the character's narrative, Sonia was given a trumpet to play, which she did badly, infuriating her family and neighbours. According to Cassidy, this was on the behest of Storyliner and future Executive Producer of EastEnders, John Yorke. Cassidy revealed that she took lessons to play the trumpet, but that when she began to play well, she was asked by the producers to pretend to play it badly as Sonia was supposed to be playing it badly.[7] Other storylines included a period where Sonia was bullied by her friend Clare Bates (Gemma Bissix) after she fell in with the wrong crowd at school. Despite the bullying storyline, Cassidy said that she and Bissix were good friends during their time together on the soap.[7]

In 1997, the actress who played Sonia's mother Carol decided to quit EastEnders. It was at this stage that the producers made a decision to write the majority of the Jackson family out. Cassidy commented, "I thought I was out of a job [on EastEnders] forever!". Cassidy made several temporary returns on-screen months later to visit Clare or Bianca, but she was still uncertain about the future of her character: "I didn't come back to the show for about four months or so after [ I was written out in 1997]. And after Clare left the Square [in 1998] I was gone for another eight months. I just got on with school and all that". However, later in 1998 the producers asked Cassidy to return to the serial full-time, which she said she was "thrilled" about.[7]

Departure (2007)[edit]

In April 2006, it was announced that Cassidy would take a break from EastEnders, saying "it's time to try new things. But it doesn't mean Sonia won't be back".[8] A BBC spokesperson added, "Natalie is a valued member of the EastEnders cast and we wish her all the very best during her break from the show".[8] Sonia departed on screen in February 2007, along with her former husband Martin, as his actor, James Alexandrou, also left the serial. Their departing storyline was the culmination of the death of Pauline Fowler, following actress Wendy Richard's high-profile resignation from the serial in 2006. In the storyline, Pauline dies in suspicious circumstances and Sonia is blamed for killing her, although Sonia is eventually vindicated when Pauline's husband Joe Macer (Ray Brooks) admits to manslaughter. Sonia and Martin and their daughter Rebecca leave Walford as a united family for the United States. In 2010, Cassidy said one of the reasons she decided to leave the show was because of Sonia's affair with Naomi Julien (Petra Letang), saying it was wrong for the character.[9]

Despite Cassidy's departure being specified as a "break", Cassidy commented in 2008, "I feel that door's closed now and I need to go and do other stuff [...] Maybe in nine years I might go back."[10] More recently, in 2009, press reports suggested that the actress was keen to reprise the role. Patsy Palmer, who returned to EastEnders as Sonia's sister Bianca, publicly called for the actress's return: "I would love her to come back. I mean, she is family! I've told bosses that it's a good time, when you think about it, as the Jacksons are back now as well."[11]

Returns (2010, 2011 and 2014)[edit]

On 25 October 2009 it was announced that Cassidy would return to the soap to reprise her role as Sonia, along with Coulson, Gaffney and Anderson. The characters would reunite with Bianca who returned in 2008. Cassidy is quoted as saying "To be invited back to EastEnders is such an honour and I am very, very excited that Sonia is coming back. For me, to be reunited with the original Jacksons is a dream come true and I think it will be a fantastic storyline."[3] A source told entertainment website Digital Spy: "Everything's being kept hush-hush about the Jacksons' return at the moment, but there are certainly a load of questions to be answered. Will the frosty relationship between Carol and Bianca thaw? Are Sonia and Martin still together? And how will Robbie react when he learns of his beloved Wellard's death? Everyone's so pleased to have them back."[3] The family returned for Bianca's second wedding to Ricky Butcher as part of the show's 25th anniversary. Executive producer Diederick Santer explained that he wanted great stories to get people talking, saying "The wedding is the perfect opportunity for us to bring back the much-loved Jackson characters – Carol, Sonia, Robbie and Billie."[12] After departing once again in 2011, Sonia returned permanently on 14 January 2014.[13][14]

In February 2016, Cassidy announced she was expecting her second child, meaning she would be taking maternity leave. Cassidy confirmed the baby is due in "summer" 2016.[5] It was expected that Cassidy would leave in spring 2016, with Sonia departing on-screen in summer 2016. Sonia departed on-screen on 20 September 2016.[5] After returning for a short stint from 14 April 2017 to 18 April 2017, Cassidy returned to the role of Sonia permanently, with the return being broadcast on 27 June 2017.[15]


Natalie Cassidy won the award for "Best Actress" for the role of Sonia, at the 2001 British Soap Awards.[16] Additionally, in 2004, Cassidy was awarded "best dramatic performance by a young actor or actress" for the role.[17]

Referencing Sonia's foray into lesbianism in 2005, TV critic Grace Dent branded the character "the worst lesbian ever", adding, "The only lesbians with less lesbian tendencies than you are the women on the front cover of the Horny Triple-X Lesbian Specials which they keep at eye level by the sweets in my corner shop. Time to make a u-turn."[18] Lesbian website was also critical of the storyline that saw Sonia experimenting with her sexuality and then returning to her heterosexual orientation shortly after. Sharon Hadrian writes: "It was the first time in over a decade that a lesbian couple had been depicted in the East London drama, lending cautious optimism to the idea that the BBC was finally integrating its traditionally heterosexual soaps [...] Lesbian fans, meanwhile, are struggling to care at all after being led on by the show's failed attempts at writing a decent lesbian story line [...] Despite their troubles, Martin and Sonia got married in 2004 and — given their past — many fans believe they are meant to be together. If this seems like the most inopportune time to turn Sonia into a lesbian, well, the show's writers did it anyway [...] Sonia's sudden lesbian affair was met with disapproval from all sides, and nobody — the fans, characters or even the actors — was particularly supportive of her relationship. As a result, perhaps, the writers wrote what was expected of them [...] there was hardly room in the script for any affection or sympathy at all; instead, their relationship was written around its impact on Martin and the other Albert Square residents. The reaction of Rebecca's guardian, Margaret, was especially hurtful. When the [lesbian] relationship became public, she immediately sought to award sole custody of Rebecca to Martin, citing Sonia's sexual orientation as the reason she would be an unfit mother. This vitriolic response to Sonia and Naomi's relationship could have been a pivotal moment had the program's producers used the opportunity to prove either the quality of their relationship or to reinforce Sonia's parenting abilities. Unfortunately, they did neither of these things. Instead, Margaret's reaction was surprisingly representative of the public response to their relationship. Fans of the show were upset that anyone (let alone a lesbian) had come between Sonia and Martin. Naomi came off looking especially predatory — a common trait in media representations of gay and lesbian characters — by seducing a formerly heterosexual woman and convincing her to leave her family [...] not too surprisingly, Naomi and Sonia broke up. Afterward, Naomi faded into the background and Sonia ended up back with Martin, seeming to forget entirely about the same-sex attractions she once had [...] It was a sad but not unexpected ending to a rare chance for the BBC to acknowledge lesbian sexuality in its programming and for viewers to witness a positive lesbian relationship that didn't ruin anybody's life [...] Sonia or Naomi [...] had the potential to develop a loving depiction of lesbian sexuality but were failed by the show's writers and, arguably, the BBC's institutionalized homophobia".[19]

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