Sonia Noemí

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Sonia Noemí
Birth name Sonia Noemí González
Origin Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Genres Latin Pop
Labels RCA

Sonia Noemi, (born July 18, 1941 as Sonia Noemí González), is a Puerto Rican actress and singer. She is one of the pioneers of the ballad pop song in Puerto Rico.[1]


Noemí was raised in Old San Juan and when she was thirteen moved to Rio Piedras.[1] She went to California in 1962 in order to train at the Pasadena Playhouse Studio, returning to Puerto Rico after a year.[1] In 2003, she moved to Miami, where she has worked in telenovelas.[2] She has a son with Venezuelan singer, Hector Cabrera.[3]


Alfred D. Herger, was the producer of her first album: "Si Yo Fuera una Reina", (If I were a Queen), *Sona-Rico, SR-1*. Sonia's hit single was: "El rebelde", a Spanish version of the hit song: "He's a Rebel", from The Crystals. Her second album was with RCA-Victor record label, in Mexico: "Baladas y boleros", (Ballads & Boleros), *MKL - 1626*. The hit single was "El Día", (The Day), written by the Mexican composer: "Luis Demetrio". Her third album, and second for RCA-Victor, in Mexico, named after her: Baladas Y Boleros con Sonia Noemí, *MKL - 1627*. Sonia Noemí, recorded her fourth album: " Mi Regreso", ( My Come Back) produced by her and Canal 4 Recording Studios with the collaboration of Lou Briel, *LAG, LP-1010*


Noemí, performed the leading roles of three films: "Dios te Salve Siquiatra", (May God Save you, Psychiatrist), the first Cuban motion picture filmed in the United States (Miami, Florida), produced and directed by Cuban comedian: Guillermo Alvarez Guedes, "El Curandero del Pueblo", (The Healing-man of the Town), starring with, Adalberto Rodriguez, "Machuchal", and Creature from the Haunted Sea, a Roger Corman film.

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