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Sonia Orin Lyris is the author of a number of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories published in various professional magazines and anthologies.[1][2][3] She has published fiction for Wizards of the Coast, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and Pulphouse.

In she co-founded eMarket Group, Ltd., an online merchandise company, and continues work with eMarket Group as Executive Vice President. With over 20 years of industry experience, she also helped to build the systems for e-commerce sites and the Viz store.

For a period of years, Lyris’ writing declined as she focused on her executive responsibilities. In recent years, her writing activity has been increasing again. In 2012, she was interviewed in an episode of The Tomorrow Project podcast, where she discussed the relationship between real-world science and science fiction.[4]

She lives in the state of Washington in the United States.

Published works[edit]


Date Published Title Published In / Notes
Touchstone Baen Free Library Stories 2016
Dark Descents Hazardous Press
Romance, with Mice Dadaoism Anthology (from Chomu Press)
Mirror Test Tomorrow Project Seattle
The Rejection Saga Journal of Universal Rejection[2]
Payback Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
The Angels’ Share Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
And Peace Shall Sleep HarperPrism
Multiply and Conquer
Chef’s Surprise Anthology Distant Planes (from Wizards of the Coast)
When Strangers Meet New Legends Anthology (edited by Greg Bear)
The Going Price Wizards of the Coast, anthology Tapestries
The Jesus Construct Pulphouse, issue #18
A Hand in the Mirror Anthology Cyberdreams (from Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine)
The Green Expanse Number 3
There is a Season Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
It Might be Sunlight Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
Motherhood Pulphouse, issue #16
The Animal Game Anthology Infinite Loop: Software Development’s Own Anthology of Science Fiction (from Miller Freeman)
Eyes of the Beholder Midnight Zoo (Vol. 2, No. 1)
Carnival Willamette Writers Kay Snow Winner
Blades Quanta Magazine


Date Published Title Published In / Notes
Submission Replies Journal of Universal Rejection
Various Articles About Chocolate Chocolate Atlas, FCIA, blogs
The Dancer I am Becoming Line Zero Quarterly Arts Journal
Balance, Grace, and Humility Line Zero Quarterly Arts Journal
Practice for Real Life Courageous Creatividy Magazine, Issue #1
I’m Wearing Bright Yellow Undies Nonprofit Online News
Buying Safe on the Internet Computer Bits Magazine
Internet Virus Antidote, with Richard Brodie
The Virtual Village on the Edge of Cyberspace From the Proceedings of The Second International Cyberspace Conference
Crime and Punishment in Cyberspace Library and Information Technology Association


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