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Sonic360 Records is a record label which was founded by record producer Chris Allison (The Beta Band, Coldplay, Kinky) in June of 2000. The headquarters is in London and a subsidiary in the US, Sonic360 Inc.

Artists that have signed to the label include Mexican electro-funk rock outfit Kinky. They gave Chris Allison a three song demo presented on a lovely cassette tape in 1999 while he was producing Plastilina Mosh in Monterrey Mexico.[1] They signed an exclusive worldwide deal with Sonic360 in the summer of 2000. Kinky's eponymous debut album was nominated for the Best Rock Album award at the Latin Grammy's (2002) and Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album at the US Grammy's (2002). Their follow up album, Atlas was nominated for numerous awards, including Best Alternative Music Album at the Latin Grammy's (2004).[2]

On the first two Kinky albums, Sonic360 reached out to Latino and Anglo music fans alike. Sonic360’s legendary ‘La Leche’ club party was used to launch the band in the US, with over 600 attendees at the launch party,[3] this was followed by three shows at SXSW. The success of the live experience and the marketing campaign brought the US its first Latin ‘Alternative’ crossover artist, with more opportunities to come.

In August 2007, Sonic360 signed ex-Sudanese child soldier turned conscious hip-hop star Emmanuel Jal. Sonic360 hired the talents of Neal Pogue (Outkast, Talib Kweli) to additionally produce and mix the ‘Warchild’ album. It was followed by a 90-minute documentary ‘War Child’ which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and won the prestigious Cadillac Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. His Autobiography is published by St. Martin's Press.[4] Since its release the 'Warchild' album has received an unprecedented amount of press worldwide and still sells consistently well today. Jal performed an electric set at the Mandela 90th Birthday in Hyde Park, London. He was presented to the stage by an enthusiastic Peter Gabriel who called him a young Bob Marley in the making.[5]

Summer of 2008 included one of Sonic360's most significant releases - from legendary Steely Dan man Walter Becker. Over the past 38 years, Becker and his long-time collaborator Donald Fagen have released 10 albums under the Steely Dan moniker. 'Circus Money' was Becker’s second anticipated solo effort, produced by Grammy® Award winning Larry Klein.[6]

Sonic360 artists have had tracks placed in more than 100 films, TV shows and Adverts. From 'Nacho Libre' to CSI, 'Man On Fire' to Nissan. With a further 100 tracks licensed to third party compilations. In addition to music releases Sonic360 has a music publishing arm Sonic360 Music.[3] Sonic360 has hosted many events and club nights, (over 150) including the new Latin beats party 'La Leche' which held residencies in New York City, Los Angeles and Tijuana. La Leche, became the first US touring club night sponsored by Heineken, playing New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago once a month for six months.[7]



Artist Title Catalogue Number  Release date
Various Artists Sonic360 Latin America[11] SNC360D19 DEC/08/2009
Brian Buckley Band [12] Mother's Day (Digital Single) SNC360DS24 JUN/29/2009
Walter Becker Downtown Canon (Digital Single)[13] SNC360DS21 JUN/15/2009
Walter Becker Somebody's Saturday Night EP [14] SONIC360DS20 OCT/27/2008
Littl Shyning Man [15] Inchborough EP HADS017 OCT/07/2008
Acida [16] Acida: The Greatest Hits SOMD007 SEP/16/2008
Emmanuel Jal Emma (Single)[17] SNCDS013 JUL/22/2008
Walter Becker Circus MoneyCircus Money SONIC360CD19 JUL/14/2008
Kinky Coqueta EP[18] SOMDS011 JUL/01/2008
Emmanuel Jal Warchild[19] SONIC360CD17 MAY/13/2008
Emmanuel Jal Warchild (Digital Single)[20] SNC360D018 APR/01/2008
Los Mono [21] Promesas Remixed EP SOMDS009 MAR/11/2008
Funky C [22] Chocolate EP SOMCD004 NOV/13/2007
BN Loco [23] Cancion De Playera EP HACDS016 SEP/18/2007
Various Artists [24] Tarifa360 SONIC360CD16 SEP/04/2007
Los Mono [25] Somos Los Que Estamos SOMCD006 JUN/31/2007
Los Mono [26] Promesas(Digital Single) SOMDS006 JUN/19/2007
Kinky Rarities (US Release)[27] SOMCD005 JUN/19/2007
Funky C [28] Joya SOMCD004 MAY/15/2007
Kinky Coqueta[29] SOMDS005 MAY/15/2007
Brian Buckley [30] For Her RGCD002 APR/17/2007
Brian Buckley [31] Little Pieces (Digital Single) RGD002 MAR/13/2007
Littl Shyning Man [32] Mockery HACD016 NOV/14/2006
Kinky Rarities[33] SONIC360CD15 JUL/25/2006
BN Loco [34] Echo en Mexico HACD015 JUL/11/2006
Panorama [35] Panorama SONIC360CD013 MAR/13/2006
Various Artists [36] Sonic360 Compilation SONIC360CD12 DEC/23/2005
Hana Miya [37] Hark! the Herald SONIC360CD12 DEC/01/2005
Chabz & Krizo [38] Growgrow / Test Lies HACD014 OCT/24/2005
Kayip [39] Kayip HACD013 JUL/25/2005
Tammy [40] Amor De Computadora HACD012 MAY/23/2005
Almeida & Descarga [41] Llanita SOMCD002 MAY/09/2005
Gladkazuka [42] Panameña HACD011 APR/25/2005
Granufunk [43] Granufunk HACD010 MAR/21/2005
Littl Shyning Man [44] Hart of the Wud SONIC360CD11 MAR/07/2005
Acida [45] La Vida Real SOMCD001 JAN/24/2005
Fussible [46] No One Over 21 HACD009 DEC/26/2004
Kinky Oye Como Va EP SONICDL0001 OCT/25/2004
Kinky Oye Como Va 12" SONIC360V009 OCT/25/2004
Various Artists Beatwave Argentina[47] SONIC360CD008 JUL/19/2004
Kinky Atlas SONIC360CD8 APR/12/2004
Pea Green Boat Two Way Traffic[48] HACD006 MAR/17/2003
Various Artists Beautiful Sunset Airport[49] SONIC360CD005 NOV/28/2002
Various Artists Beautiful Sunset Airport Terminal 3[50] SONIC360V005 OCT/28/2002
Kinky KinkyKinky (Kinky album) KINKY1 OCT/21/2002
Pea Green Boat Seesaw[51] HAV005 SEP/30/2002
Various Artists Beautiful Sunset Airport Terminal 2 [52] SONIC360V004 SEP/16/2002
Kinky Primer Amor (DJ Sneak Mix) [53] KINK002 AUG/12/2002
Various Artists Beautiful Sunset Airport Terminal 1 [54] SONIC360V003 AUG/02/2002
Various Artists La Leche Vol.1[55] SONIC360CD006 JUL/02/2002
Fussible [56] Odyssea (Remixes 1)[57] HAV001 APR/29/2002
Fussible [58] Odyssea[59] HACD003 APR/29/2002
Fussible [60] Odyssea[61] HACD003 APR/29/2002
Fussible [62] Odyssea (Remixes 2)[63] HAV004 APR/02/2002
Kinky Cornman SONIC360V002 MAR/25/2002
Various Artists Sonic360 Freeway[64] SONIC360V001 MAR/04/2002
Various Artists Future Sound of Sukiyaki Bar[65] HACD002 JUN/01/2001

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