Sonic Disruptors

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Sonic Disruptors
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Uncompleted
Format Limited series
Publication date December 1987 – July 1988
No. of issues 7 of a planned 12
Creative team
Written by Mike Baron
Artist(s) Barry Crain

Sonic Disruptors was a comic book limited series written by Mike Baron with art by Barry Crain, and published by DC Comics between 1987 and 1988. Although it was advertised as being a twelve-issue story, sales were poor, and the last issue published was #7.

As of 2016, the story of Sonic Disruptors remains unresolved. Baron has publicly stated that he considers it to have been a "dud", saying that he "didn't know what (he) was doing (when writing the series)", that he "had no end to the series in mind", and that he "didn't construct the characters properly." [1]


Sonic Disruptors depicted a futuristic America ruled by a theocratic military dictatorship, where the only source of resistance is a pirate radio station broadcasting from orbit.


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