Sonic Protest

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Sonic Protest
Dates April
Location(s) Paris, France
Years active 2003–present

Sonic Protest is a yearly music festival in France focused on left field music genres like experimental rock, electroacoustic music, improvised music, noise and avant garde music.[1][2]

The first edition of Sonic Protest took place in 2003.[3] The editions from 2003 till 2011 took place in Paris. Acts like Deerhoof, Shit & Shine, Noël Akchoté, Charles Hayward, Keij Haino and many others have performed at this festival.[4] At the 2006[5] and 2008 editions compilation cds with all the artists featured on the festival were released[6] The 2012 edition was set up bigger than the predecessing editions and took place in five cities: Paris, Reims, Marseille, Dijon and Tours.[7] Local organisations such as GRIM in Marseille, supported the festival in the other cities.

Line up 2003[edit]

Hawk and Hacksaw, Sunroof, Lena Circus, Anla Courtis, and others[8]

Line up 2004[edit]

Pelt, Noxagt, Jérôme Noetinger, Blood Stereo, and others

Line up 2005[edit]

Chewbacca, Duracell, Esquilax, Excepter, Gang Gang Dance, Magik Markers, Volt, and others

Line up 2006[edit]

Volcano The Bear, Monno, Don Caballero, Hair Police, Ben Wallers, Bul Bul (AU), Viki, and others. We Jam Econo (documentary about Minutemen[9]

Line up 2007[edit]

No-Neck Blues Band, Astral Social Club, Tetuki Akiyama, Harry Merry, and others[10]

Line up 2008[edit]

Deerhoof, Parenthetical Girls, Dimension X, Noël Akchoté, Shit and Shine, Jean-Louis Costes, and others

Line up 2010[edit]

Fred Bigot, Vincent Epplay, Aarnaud Maguet, Opera Mort, Dum Dum Boys, and others.[11]

Line up 2011[edit]

Pekka Airaksinen (FI), Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (DE, FR), Dror Feiler (SE), Rinji Fukuoka (JP), Sachiko (JP), Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk, Astma (RU), Sightings (US), Tom Smith, K-Branding (BE), and others.[12]

Line up 2012[edit]

Line up 2013[edit]

Line up 2014[edit]

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