Sonic Unyon

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Sonic Unyon
Founded 1992 (1992)
Founder Sandy McIntosh
Mark Milne
Tim Potocic
Genre Alternative
Country of origin  Canada
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Official website

Sonic Unyon Recording Company is an independent record label based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Their former retail store was located on Wilson Street near James Street North). The label has put out releases by bands including Tristan Psionic, Sianspheric, Shallow North Dakota, Eric's Trip, Hayden, Chore, Frank Black and the Catholics, A Northern Chorus, Raising the Fawn, Teenage Head and Voivod.

Founded in 1992 by Mark Milne, Sandy McIntosh and Tim Potocic of the band Tristan Psionic, Sonic Unyon is one of the largest independent labels in Canada.[1] As of 2005, Sonic Unyon releases were distributed in the United States exclusively by Caroline Distribution.

Sonic Unyon Distribution is a branch of the record label and distributes releases in Canada from independent labels from around the world and select co-releases with other independent labels including Jagjaguwar, Nuclear Blast, WARP, Fearless and Plexifilm (including the Death Cab for Cutie tour DVD, Drive Well, Sleep Carefully).

Sonic Unyon, as an organization, branched out into events production with the organization of the wildly popular Supercrawl in Hamilton, Ontario.[2] Supercrawl has featured numerous national and international touring artists and features prominently as the annual version of the monthly Artcrawl, which is dedicated to showcasing the arts scene in the James North region of Hamilton.[3] In 2014, Supercrawl's attendance was estimated at 165,000,[4] bringing significant attention to the arts and music scene in Hamilton.[5]

Selected artists[edit]

The following artists have made at least one release through Sonic Unyon.

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