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Native name ソニン
Birth name Seong Son-im (ソン ソニン)
Born (1983-03-10) March 10, 1983 (age 35)
Origin Kōchi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan
Genres Jpop
Occupation(s) musician, songwriter
Instruments singing, guitar
Years active 2000–present
Labels Toy's Factory, Harmony Records
Associated acts EE Jump
Korean name
Hangul 선임
Revised Romanization Sung Sun-im
McCune–Reischauer Sŏng Sŏnim

Sonim (ソニン, Sonin, born March 10, 1983 in Shikoku, Japan) is a J-pop singer and actress.

Career and biography[edit]

A Zainichi Korean, she was a former member of the Tsunku-produced duo EE Jump along with Yuki Goto, (Maki Goto's younger brother). Yuki was caught underage in a bar, which got him suspended from EE Jump. When the band released its next single, calling the artist EE Jump Featuring Sonim, and it proved to be more popular than other EE Jump singles, the band released one more single, and then disbanded.

Sonim began her own solo career under the Toy's Factory label, but then switched to Harmony Records. She is currently in a unit called tomboy with Akane Osawa (ja), which debuted in November 2007.[1] In 2007-2009, she starred as Kim in Japanese production of the musical Miss Saigon.[2] In 2010, she played the role of Johanna in the Japanese production of Sweeney Todd.[3]

Sonim can play the guitar and speak Japanese, English, and Korean. Her ancestors came from Gyeongsangnam-do to Japan. Her Korean name is Sung Sun-Im (Hangul:성선임 Hanja:成膳任). She is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc.[4]



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  1. 2003-05-14 華 (Hana)


  1. 2004-03-17 Sonim Collection


Behind the scenes image from the film A! Ikkenya Puroresu


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