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Sonja Bertram (born 14 September 1984), is a German actress.

Life and career[edit]

She spent most of her childhood in DießenBavaria, the second of four children born to Josef and Gabi Bertram. She grew up with two brothers and a sister.

Her father detected Sonja's acting talent at fourteen, when she acted alongside her younger brother Tim, who made his debut appearance on screen in the movie, 'Puenktchen and Anton'.

She started her acting career in the role of Marie Ziegler in the movie 'Lieber boeser Weihnachtsmann', directed by Ben Verbong.

When she was twenty she studied singing and acting at the University of Colgne/ Aachen. Along the way she has starred in many series including 'Der Letze Zeuge' with Ulrich Muehe and the German crime 'SOKO Wismar' directed by Hans-Christoph Blumenberg.

Since 2008 the actress has lived in Berlin.


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