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Somiani (Urdu: سونمیانی‎) is a coastal town in the southeast of Balochistan province in Pakistan, approximately 145 kilometres northwest of Karachi. The coast of Sonmiani is the northernmost point of the Arabian Sea. The Sonmiani Beach is one of the most popular beaches near Karachi. The town also serves as a Union Council of Hub Tehsil in Lasbela District.[1] Sonmiani is noted for its space research and development. There is a space center/spaceport, which is known as Somiani Spaceport is situated at Sonmiani District. The Pakistan Economic Coordination Commission has announced a plan for construction of a liquid natural gas terminal. [2]

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Coordinates: 25°12′N 66°45′E / 25.200°N 66.750°E / 25.200; 66.750