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Sono Cairo
Native name
Sout Alqahira
Public corporation
IndustryMass media
GenreGovernment Company
Founded6 January 1964 (6 January 1964)
FounderMohamed Fawzi & CO
Number of locations
51 Sabel Al Khazndara, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate
Area served
Key people
Mohamed Fawzi, Taha Nasr
ProductsBroadcasting, radio, web portals
ServicesTelevision, radio, online
OwnerGovernment of Egypt (Publicly owned)

Sono Cairo (Sout Alqahira, Sout Al Qahira, or Sawt al-Qahira: Arabic: شركة صوت القاهرة للصوتيات والمرئيات‎, "the sound of Cairo") is an Egyptian government owned multimedia company.[1]

Company history[edit]

Launched as a privately-owned record company, it was taken over by the government in 1964,[2] and became the country's largest producer of discs.[3] As of 2009 it is under the control of the Ministry of Information.[4]

Artist Mohamed Fawzi & Co was established alshark alawsat factory for CD's on 30 April 1959[dubious ] and turned into sout Alqahira Company for CD's on 6 January 1964. Then issued its decision, Mr. / Minister of Information No. 139 of 1977 established a sout alqahira company for Audio and Video as an Egyptian joint stock companies as one of the Radio and Television Union of the Ministry of Information.

In Egyptian Revolution of 1952, President Anwar Sadat made a speech from the company's broadcast.

Former Chairmen[edit]

No. Name From To
1 Taha Mohammed EL-Hady Nasr 6 January 1964 21 November 1979
2 Safwat Ali Fahmy 22 November 1979 31 December 1980
3 Fathy EL-Bayumy Ebrahim 1 January 1981 10 March 1982
4 Mohammed Reda Hashem 11 March 1982 22 January 1983
5 Ahmed Mohammed EL-Fetory 23 January 1983 16 July 1986
6 Mohamed Saed Sabry 1 September 1986 10 January 1990
7 Abdel Aal Mohamed Abdel Aal 14 January 1990 20 November 1994
8 Abd EL-Rahman Ebrahem Hafez 21 November 1994 20 May 1997
9 Husien Fahmy Galal EL-Deen 26 May 1997 9 October 1999
10 Medhat Ahmed Abd EL-Menaem 10 October 1999 4 June 2000
11 Hosny Hamed EL-Rahamawy 5 June 2000 5 September 2003
12 Saed Helmy EL-Saed Yehya 6 September 2003 26 November 2005
13 Ebrahem Ahmed Ebrahem EL-Akabawy 28 November 2005 5 January 2011

Video production[edit]

Sono Cairo's production includes production of religious E.g. (Mohamed rasol Allah) And entertainment (music and songs) sono Cairo company Is interested in the field of video production to produce work of dramatic serials (such as gomhoreit zefta, elsharae algeded, elwatad) and other serials that have distinctive markings as gomhoreit Zefta which because of it, neighborhood Zefta is established in the Media Production City and there are also (evenings), ranging from the social work and comedy and historical and police and pay special attention to the production of work for children, as well as programs

Singing production[edit]

The company seeks to preserve the heritage of songs the good times, where it converted tapes to the electronic media in preparation to launch in the market as digital image CD & DVD & MP3.

Religious production[edit]

The company produces the Koran for senior readers of the Quran in Egypt and the Arab World also offers usually grab and religious prayers and thoughts of faith to the imam preachers, Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy to achieve for a Muslim his material and spiritual reconstruction of the life styles that are available with the approach of Islamic law To express the essence of Islam in moderation and leadership.

Stars who have worked with Sono Cairo[edit]

External marketing[edit]

Spread of internationally marketing of the company's production and preservation of moral and ethical company rights so it was necessary for the company own agents at the international level, which aims at the following:

  • printing and distribution of the company's production worldwide.
  • Last agents at the international level defied the ways of illegal printing and distribution.

There are fourteen companies holding the rights to distribute and print production of sout alqahira at the international level, distributed as follows:

The Persian Gulf region and Arab countries[edit]

The Maghreb region[edit]

Africa region[edit]

  • Almasaa international for production and advertising (Sudan)

Europe Region[edit]

  • Platinum

Region of the United States and Canada[edit]

  • Mike's Sound Production (U.S. and Canada)


  • To cope with the company has developed e marketing activity to use the modern techniques to market content using the international information network and voice services through mobile and ground and affixed to marketing Internet connections to sono Cairo customers and the e-marketing copying Self-electronic media (CD) & (DVD) & (MP3)

Editing and graphics[edit]

A continuation of the bidding company and despite the fire which broke out in units of editing, graphics The Company has created a new center for editing and graphics to keep pace with development in the field of video production and the center houses became include:

  • No. (5) Units of Nonlinear Editing
  • No. (1) Units of linear Editing
  • No. (1) Units integrated graphics

All units work through an integrated system have been linked to control room hardware by the Custodian of the electronic archive Visual production equipped with the latest information technologies and secure its contain units of self-extinguishing The visual production is traded through the central organs between the units and the editing room is equipped with To link with ground stations or satellites or to the Information Network with the possibility of implementing more than one process material film and one at the same time.


Studio (4) was created in area 200 m on the ground floor In addition to the three studios Company; this is to increase production through the use of visual studio company

  • Abbasid studio (1)
  • Abbasid studio (2)
  • ElGib studio (3)
  • New Abbasid studio (4)
  • El Sayeda Nafeesa studio (5)

The studios has been developed and networks equipped with the latest lighting and modern digital cameras and generators for electricity.


The company has two factories to produce and print cassette voice in Alexandria production capacity up to more than 3 million Cassettes per one shift annually with the highest quality in global markets and equipped with the latest modern technology for the production and printing of the Koran bars for famous readers and religious talk, entertainment and musical. In flew the modernization of factories and keep abreast of developments for the printing of the company's production of optical media the development and production units cans (CD) (DVD) production capacity is developed of 10 thousand in one shift per day.


  • Printed packaging tapes and CD covers of 4-color offset printing.
  • Printed posters, artists and readers of the Quran 4 color.
  • Implementation and printed posters advertising (the results of a wall - the results of hierarchical - Results photographer).
  • Implementation of trade publications, which include the company's publications and others from books and magazines and so on.
  • Processing of paper photography for all sizes of company and others.

Advertising agency[edit]

The advertising agency represents one of the major activity in the company which offer integrated advertising services in this regard where it propagate the clients' advertisement in the radio, TV, and Satellite. And it products the ads, and documentaries and implement all forms of advertising required by the ad campaigns. Production have been developed advertising programs to attract the sponsors and the religious programs offer messages of Khaled El Gendy, the Advertising Agency contributed to the revival of the comedy Heritage by transferring the comedy program (Saa'a Leqlbak) to Graphic animation by using 3D graphic programs These programs were broadcast during the month of Ramadan 1428 AH. In addition to advertising development through outdoor advertising and the company became possesses in this area (61) roads announcement in special places as Giza Cornish and Cairo Alex desert road and Alex Max coast.


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