Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen

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The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, or S&D, is an historical organization operating out of Marietta, OH. According to its website, it "was established in 1939 to perpetuate the memory of pioneer rivermen and for the preservation of river history."[1] Its current president is Jeff Spear.[2] The organization is under the direction of twelve governors, each serving a three year term, elected by the general voting body.

S&D established the Ohio River Museum in Marietta in 1941. Working under the auspices of the Ohio Historical Society, S&D oversaw the addition of the steam towboat W. P. Snyder to the museum in 1955, as well as construction of a new museum facility in 1972. In cooperation with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, S&D also established the Inland Rivers Library, a part of the PLCHC's Rare Books and Special Collections department.[3]

S&D publishes a quarterly house organ magazine entitled the S&D Reflector, first created and edited by Capt. Frederick Way, Jr., one of the founders of S&D.[4][5]


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