Sons of Samoa

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Sons of Samoa
Founded 1976
Founding location Long Beach, California
Years active 1976–present
Territory Nationwide, but mostly California
Ethnicity Predominantly Samoan, some Tongan
Membership 200 in Long Beach, unknown nationwide
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, extortion, prostitution, contract killing, armed robbery, chop shop and murder
Allies Crips, Tongan 4 Life Gangsta Crip
Rivals Several Bloods sets, Pirus sets

Sons of Samoa is a Crips-affiliated street gang based in Long Beach, California, U.S. The gang's membership mainly consists of Samoan Americans.


The gang was formed in the 1976 to protect the immigrant Samoan community from established African American and Hispanic gangs in the impoverished suburbs of Long Beach, California. It has since spread to other Southern Californian cities, as well as other states with a large Samoan community. The gang adopted the Crips culture and has since aligned themselves with the larger African American gang.[1][2]


Originally a gang formed by means of protection, Sons of Samoa sets have since emerged in every impoverished neighborhood with a substantial Pacific Islander community. They are involved in violent crime, which is mostly committed by younger members, as well as organized crime, which is mostly the business of older and ambitious hardcore members of the gang. The Sons of Samoa are heavily involved in extortion, contract killing and the production and distribution of methamphetamine. They are also known for the taxing of other meth distributors, as well as ripping them off.[3] In Long Beach more organized gang members are involved in heavy cocaine-trafficking rings as well as in the trafficking of weapons.[4]

The gang being allied to the Crips is occasionally involved in turf battles with Pirus gangs of Tongan or Samoan descent.[5]