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Saint Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church
Saint Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church
Sonta is located in Serbia
Coordinates: 45°36′N 19°06′E / 45.600°N 19.100°E / 45.600; 19.100
Country  Serbia
Province  Vojvodina
Municipality Apatin
Population (2011)
 • Total 4,238
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
The new Orthodox church

Sonta (Serbian Cyrillic: Сонта) is a village located in the Apatin municipality, in the West Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. The village has a Croat ethnic majority and its population numbering 4,238 people (2011 census).


According to some sources, inhabitants of Sonta originating from Herzegovina and they came to this village under the leadership of Sonda Vidaković, thus the name of Sonta derived from the name of this person. In Serbian Cyrillic the village is known as Сонта, in Croatian as Sonta, in Hungarian as Szond, and in German as Waldau.


It was first mentioned in the 12th century under name Zund. In Ottoman records, Sonta was mentioned as a settlement with 36 families, while in 1898, its population numbered 4,972 inhabitants and 650 houses. During the 1920s, the village was moved 3 km to the north from its original location because of the large floods of the river Danube.

On the session of the Municipality of Apatin in June 2006, Croatian language gain the status of the official language in Sonta. Until then, Serbian language was the sole official language in this village,[1] although Croats comprised majority in the village since the country of Serbia and Montenegro was established.


  • Grožđe bal, Annual grape festival


Ethnic groups (2002 census)
Historical population
  • 1961: 6,821
  • 1971: 6,508
  • 1981: 6,313
  • 1991: 5,990
  • 2002: 4,992
  • 2011: 4,238

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  1. ^ (in Croatian) Zvonik br. 141 Hrvatski u službenoj uporabi u Sonti, July 2006

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Coordinates: 45°36′N 19°06′E / 45.600°N 19.100°E / 45.600; 19.100