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The Sony CLIÉ PEG-SJ33 was a Palm OS based handheld "Personal Entertainment Organizer" released by Sony in 2003.

It was released with a heavy multimedia focus, one of its key features being the inclusion of MP3 player software and built-in stereo sound hardware (a rarity on Palm OS devices in 2003).

The PEG-SJ33 has the same HiRes screen as the other low-end colour CLIÉ models.


  • Palm OS:4.1
  • CPU: Motorola DragonBall Super VZ 66 MHz
  • Input devices: Touchscreen with silkscreen Graffiti area, 4 shortcut buttons, up/down buttons, Jog Dial with select back buttons, hold switch
  • Memory: 16MB internal
  • Display: 320 X 320, 16-bit color
  • External connectors: PEG-SL/SJ/T connector, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Expansion: Memory Stick
  • Included Accessories: Stylus, Hand Strap, translucent flip cover, Sony Power/USB dongle, Power Supply, mini-USB lead
  • Optional Accessories: Memory Stick media (not pro, indicated as such on the box), Memory Stick Bluetooth Adapter, Memory Stick camera, Cradle, Game Controller, Mini Keyboard, Various cases, coloured flip covers
  • Wireless: Infrared
  • Batteries: Internal Li-On
  • Color: Silver w/ black cover (standard), other colour covers available
  • Form factor: similar to Palm III
  • Size: 108x74x23mm (HxWxD) with cover closed

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