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Sony PEG-TJ35
Palm logo 2003.jpg
Manufacturer Sony
Type PDA
Retail availability October 2003
Media 32 MB internal Flash memory
Operating system Palm OS 5.2.1 on Flash ROM
CPU 200 MHz Motorola MX-1
Display HiRes 16-bit color 320x320 3.1 in. TFT touchscreen display
Input Touchscreen,
miniature QWERTY keyboard, jog dial
Touchpad Entire screen
Connectivity Infrared (IrDA 1.2), USB, Memory Stick PRO
Power Lithium-ion battery(800 mA / 5.2 V) / AC 120/230 V
Dimensions 76mm x 110mm x 12mm / 3in x 0.5in x 4.4in
Weight 100.3g/4.9 oz

The Sony CLIÉ PEG-TJ35 was an aluminum cased personal digital assistant as part of the CLIÉ TJ series released by Sony in 2003. It is a higher-end edition of the PEG-TJ25 with audio playback functions. It also includes Graffiti 2 input.[1] The TJ35 has 32 MB internal Flash memory - 23 MB could be used to store programs or data. 11MB are reserved for the OS. A Memory Stick slot allows to extend the space to store data. Memory Sticks and Memory Sticks PRO could be used with the device. Synchronization via USB and Infrared is possible.

Two versions of the TJ35 are available: PEG-TJ35/E1 and PEG-TJ35/E2.

Included Software[edit]

The device comes with a few applications:[2]

In ROM[edit]

A bundle of trial software versions are also available on Installation CD-ROM.

Installation CD-ROM[edit]



  • Agendus (Trial)
  • BDicty (Trial)
  • London Tube Guide (Trial)
  • Paris Metro Guide (Trial)
  • Kickoo's Breakout (Trial)
  • Kickoo's TakTik (Trial)
  • Bump Attack Pinball (Trial)
  • ViaMichelin (Trial)



MP3s can be played from Memory Stick/Memory Stick PRO using the skinable AeroPlayer. Files must be stored in /PALM/Programs/MSAUDIO [3] directory on the Memory Stick. MP3s with bit rates from 96 kbit/s - 320 kbit/s will be played.[4]

Additional codecs to support Speex or Vorbis were available [5] for free.


TCPMP could be used to watch Videos on this device. The files can only be played from Memory Stick/Memory Stick PRO.


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