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Sony clie peg tj37.jpeg
Manufacturer Sony
Type PDA
Retail availability February 2004
Media 128 MB Flash memory
Operating system Palm OS 5.2.1
CPU 200 MHz MX-1 ARM
Display 320x320 TFT screen capable of displaying 65,536 colors
Input 320x320 px, 65536 colors, Touchscreen
Camera .31 megapixel CMOS VGA
Touchpad Entire screen
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Power Battery

The Sony CLIÉ PEG-TJ37 is a personal digital assistant manufactured by Sony that was built to replace the TJ-35 and is a higher end version of the TJ-27 in the CLIÉ TJ series. While the TJ-27 had 320x320 color display, a built-in 640x480 camera, and Graffiti 2 input, the TJ-37 added built-in Wi-Fi and MP3 capabilities into the same package. Both are run on a 200 MHz processor.[1]


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