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Sony Centre is a chain of stores in Europe which sell electrical goods made by manufacturer Sony. Many of their stores on Mainland Europe have been recently been re-branded to Sony Centre after being called Sony Galleria. The Sony Centre has a number stores in the United Kingdom which includes the biggest in Staines-Upon-Thames.

There are also Sony Centres in Australia, with a notable one being at Sydney's World Square.

One can find eight Sony Centres in Norway, with three of them in the Oslo area, two in Bergen and one in Lillestrøm, Skien and Stavanger.

In Romania, the chain is named Sony Center and it has 7 stores of its own and two franchised stores.[1]

Sony Centres are not part of the Sony group; the name is used by a number of separate entities. The Sony brand and logo, and the Sony Centre name, are trademarks of Sony Corporation and used under licence.[2]

On the night of 8 August 2011, the Sony distribution centre in Enfield, London was destroyed in an arson attack during the 2011 England riots.[3]


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