Sony Ericsson Codenamed: 'Paris'

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Sony Ericsson Paris
ManufacturerSony Ericsson
Operating systemUIQ 3.3 / Symbian OS v9.3
Data inputsKeypad / Touchscreen
Rear camera5-megapixel
Connectivity802.11b, Bluetooth

The Sony Ericsson handset codenamed "Paris" (P200 according to its early firmware information) is a cancelled UIQ handset from Sony Ericsson. Leaked images from the internet indicate that the phone had a five Megapixel Camera with touch-autofocus, WiFi, b uilt-in GPS with WayFinder Navigator software and Google Maps, XMB-inspired Media Center, and a media player that resembles the one used in G700/G900. The phone had 128 Mb of RAM and was based on Symbian OS 9.3 UIQ 3.3. It is rumoured that the phone is now cancelled and is replaced by Hikaru(codename), a high-end Walkman phone.


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