Sony Ericsson W950

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Sony Ericsson W950i
SE W950i.jpg
ManufacturerSony Ericsson
Compatible networksGSM, UMTS
Availability by region2006 first half
SuccessorSony Ericsson W960
Dimensions106x54x15 mm
Mass112 g with battery
Operating systemUIQ 3 / Symbian OS v9.1
Memory4 GB internal flash drive
Removable storageNone
Display240x320, 67mm
Rear cameraNone
ConnectivityBluetooth 2.0
Data inputsKeypad / Touchscreen

The Sony Ericsson W950i is the third UIQ 3 smartphone based on Symbian OS v9.1. It was announced on February 13, 2006, a week after the announcement of the Sony Ericsson M600.


The W950 is Sony Ericsson's sixth Walkman phone. One of its distinguishing features is the 4 GB internal flash memory in which you can store many songs. However, it does not support any type of memory card.

Developing for the W950i[edit]

Since the W950i is based upon the UIQ platform, it is easy to make third party applications that can be downloaded to the phone. Developers can choose their preferred programming language (Java, C++, etc.) and IDE (Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, Eclipse, Carbide, NetBeans).

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