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Sony Walkman NW-A810 Series

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Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Type Portable media player
Operating system Sony Proprietary OS
Storage 2 GB (NW-A815)
4 GB (NW-A816)
8 GB (NW-A818)
Solid-state Drive
Display 240x320 2" 262k TFT
LED Backlight
Connectivity WM-PORT
USB 2.0 Compliant
Power Li-Ion Battery
non user replaceable
Dimensions 44.5 x 88.0 x 9.6 mm
Weight 1.9 oz.
Predecessor NW-A800 Series
Successor NW-A820 Series
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Windows Media Player 11

The Walkman A810 series is a portable music player designed by Sony Inc. It is a high end model in Walkman digital player family. The model debuted in Asia in 2007, and then became available in North America. This series update the previous Walkman A800 series, with the same hardware but different on-PC music management program.

In late 2007, Sony released 3 models, the NWZ-A815 (2 GB), NWZ-A816 (4 GB) and NWZ-A818 (8 GB). Some of the enhancements made include compatibility with Windows Media Player 11, and the infamous[clarification needed] Drag n' Drop feature, which allowed the user to transfer Music, Photo and Video files quickly, via windows explorer, (using ID-Tags for the song information i.e. album, artist etc.).

Sony also removed compatibility with ATRAC which replaced the customers need for SonicStage, with Windows Media Player 11.

In March 2008, Sony launched its successor in United States, A820, featuring wireless functions and with larger LCD display and memory.[1]


The external design comparison with Walkman NW-A1000 and NW-A810

This player shares same hardware and design with Sony NW-A800. The whole body is encased with metal, and has a glass covered 2.0" LCD display. The three control buttons below display are specially arranged to make up the Walkman logo in the front. Additionally, there is a chrome-like strip made of polished metal surrounding the device.
Overall, the design is in the same style with Sony's preceding Walkman model, NW-A1000/3000, which did not come to sale in United States. Both of them feature a surrounding metal strip and deliberately arranged control buttons to mimic Walkman logo.
The available colors for the NW-A810/800 model are black, white, purple and pink in Japan.


Navigation is handled via three circular controls on the front of the player: a power/option key, a back/home button, and a four-way control pad surrounding a central play/pause key.A dedicated volume rocker sits on the right edge of the player.[2]
The user interface is composed of nine icons organized in a 3X3 square. Icons Are highlighted and magnified as the user scrolls through them. The operation system offers a searching function, letting user search for a song based on artist, album, release year and genre.

The back view of NW-A810


The NW-A810/800 MP3 players have been critically praised for their audio quality, mostly due to its patented Sony technologies such as DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) and Clear Stereo. DSEE is claimed to restore higher sound frequency lost when creating compressed MP3 files, to reproduce the CD audio quality.[3]
As well, the MDR-EX082 headphones bundled with the NW-A810 have a high bass response for headphones of its size, and also provide the MP3 player with noise cancellation technology. It's also tested to have higher-than-average battery life, with 36 hours of audio play and 8 hours of video play.


Walkman NW-A810 received great acclaim from CNET, which gave the gadget the Editor's Choice Award with a score of 8.0 out of 10, and was rated as "excellent".[2] CNET praised it for its slim design with an ample screen, extraordinary sound quality and fantastic battery life, but criticized its short earphone cable and the placement of the hold button on the back of the player.
Crave, the CNET gadget blog, named the NW-A810 series as one of the MP3 players that shaped year 2007, with another three, the Zune 80, iPod touch, and the ZEN.[4]

Differences with Sony Walkman NW-A800[edit]

NW-A800 NW-A810
Audio Format ATRAC, ATRAC3, ATRAC3Plus
Bitrate : 48-352 kbit/s, Freq : 44.1 kHz
ATRAC Advanced Lossless
Bitrate : 64-352 kbit/s, Freq : 44.1 kHz
Linear PCM
1,411 kbit/s
Freq : 44.1 kHz
Video Format MPEG-4 Simple Profile, Max bitrate : 2,500 kbit/s
H.264/AVC Baseline Profile Level 1.2 & 1.3, Max bitrate : 768 kbit/s
H.264/AVC Baseline Profile Level 1.2 & 1.3, Max bitrate : 768 kbit/s
Gapless Playback Yes (ATRAC) No
Software Package Sonicstage 4.3
Sony Image Converter 3.0
MP3 Conversion Tool
Windows Media Player 11
Capacity (User Available) NW-A805 : 1.81 GB
NW-A806 : 3.73 GB
NW-A808 : 7.56 GB
NWZ-A815 : 1.71 GB
NWZ-A816 : 3.57 GB
NWz-A818 : 7.30 GB

Hardware-wise, NW-A800 and NW-A810 are identical. The main difference laid on the firmware which affect audio format support and music management software. Unless mentioned specifically above, the rest of specification is exactly the same for both devices.

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