Sony Vaio C series

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A black Sony Vaio C Series Laptop

The Sony Vaio C Series is a discontinued series of notebook computers from Sony introduced in September 2006 as the consumer alternative follow-up to the then current SZ series. Like the SZ, the C featured a 1280x800 (16:10 widescreen) 13.3" LCD screen, plus Core 2 Duo CPUs. As a consumer laptop, a variety of colours were offered, while compared with the SZ, the C series was heavier, and lacked the switchable graphics option, instead offering either lower-power Intel GMA 950 or faster Nvidia GeForce 7400 graphics. A crocodile-skin option was offered in Japan.

The C series weighed 5.1 pounds/2.3kg.

The C series was superseded by the SR series.

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