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Dr.Soo Wincci
Beauty pageant titleholder
Dr Soo Wincci.png
Born Soo Wincci
(1985-10-26) 26 October 1985 (age 31)
Selangor, Malaysia
Alma mater Berklee College Of Music (Master In Music Production, Innovation & Technology)
Open University Malaysia (PhD Business Administration)
University of Sunshine Coast AUS (MBA)
University of Reading UK (LLB Law)
Occupation Singer, Actress, TV Host, Model, Entrepreneur, Phd Holder, Producer
Years active 2008 - present
Title(s) Miss Malaysia World 2008
Miss Malaysia Intercontinental 2004
(1st Runner Up)
Miss Malaysia Oriental World 2004
(2nd Runner-up)
Miss Chinatown Malaysia 2005
(1st Runner-up)
Miss Malaysia Universe 2008
Miss Malaysia World 2008
Miss World 2008
(Top 19 World Talent Round)(Top 32 Top Model Round)

Dr. Soo Wincci (Chinese: 苏盈之; pinyin: Sū Yíngzhī) is an award winning Malaysian singer, recording artist, actress, composer, celebrity chef, host, model, beauty queen, PhD holder and also an entrepreneur. Soo was crowned Miss World Malaysia 2008 and represented Malaysia in the Miss World 2008 beauty pageant. In 2013, She was selected by Hollywood's Independence Critics as the world Top 100 most beautiful women in the world. In 2016, In completion of her 6 years PHD Journey in Business Administration, she was awarded by The Malaysia Book Of Records as " The 1st Miss World Malaysia To Receive PHD". She is one of the most educated celebrities in Malaysia.

She is a law graduate from University of Reading (UK), MBA holder University of Sunshine Coast and received her PhD in Business administration from Open University Malaysia.[1]. In 2017, she received an offer from Hollywood renowned music school which is Berklee College of Music to pursue her second Master in Music Production, Innovation & Technology.

She is currently the owner of Beyond Artistes Sdn Bhd.[1]

Beauty pageants[edit]

Soo Wincci Competiting

Soo Wincci spent almost 6 years from modelling and participating over 20 pageants until she won her most desired title which is Miss World Malaysia in 2008.She was deemed as crazy focus and determined.

In 2004, Wincci won 1st Runner Up For the Miss Malaysia Intercontinental pageant but the winner could not join the world patent so she represented Malaysia in the Miss Intercontinental pageant in China.[2] She obtained third position in the Miss Malaysia Oriental World pageant in the same year.[2] In 2005, she was the first runner-up in the Miss Chinatown pageant.

She left Malaysia for 2 years to finished her law degree in the UK and when she returned back to Malaysia she joined her pageant route again.

In 2008, she won Miss World Malaysia and represented Malaysia in the Miss World beauty pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa.[3] She was a semifinalist for the Miss World Top Model and top finalist for Miss World Talent contests.


2009–2012 (Beauty Queen Turned Recording Artist, Actress, PhD Student & MasterChef Celebrity)[edit]

In 2009, post her beauty pageants era, Soo began her acting career in a local NTV7 Chinese sitcom, titled Mr Siao Mandarin Class. She was appointed as SAMSUNG LED ambassador. On 18 August 2009, Soo released her self-composed singing album.[3] Her music video was sponsored by Samsung. Also, Samsung appointed her song "Beauty With a Purpose" (which was sung in English, Malay, and Chinese) as the theme for Samsung LED. In the same year, she represented Malaysia to Taiwan to perform in front of 30,000 audiences and also the Taiwan President Mah Ying Jiu.

In 2010, Soo starred in Media Corp Chinese drama titled "Injustice" as well as the second season of Mr Siao Mandarin Class. Soo was also appointed to be the spokesperson for AVON ANEW SKIN in Malaysia, as well as the ambassador of peace for Universal Peace Federation and the Red Crescent Society. She received a PHD scholarship from Open University Malaysia.[4]

In 2011, she released her 1st full Chinese album titled "Ying Guang". She acted as Hui Ying in Media Corp Drama titled "Destiny In Her Hand" and "Justice in the City". She also stars in Asia 1st 3D thriller movie "Hunter", which she played the role of a famous host named "Hu Jing", which will be aired in Asia in year 2012, she will be also composing and singing for the movie theme song. In 2011, she went to the London Media & Film academy in the UK for Acting Masterclass, Hosting Master class, also she went to upgrade her vocal chords with famous UK singing coach, Kim Chadler.

In 2012, she released her 3rd Chinese Album (With her own Magazine) titled, "In My Heart". She was nominated for both "Best New Comer" and "Top 10 Most Favorite Female Actress" categories for the NTV7 Golden Awards.

Soo joined the celebrity edition of MasterChef Malaysia.[5] The shows opens up new breakthrough for Soo among the Malay viewers. Fresh from MasterChef, she launched her Malay EP titled " Terus Teranglah".[6]

She launched her first Chinese International album titled "Happiness" in Taiwan.[7]

2013–2015(All Rounder Artist From Malaysia Towards International Asia Platform In Taiwan[edit]

In 2013, she was selected by Hollywood's Independence Critics as the world Top 100 most beautiful women in the world.[7] In 2014, Soo founded her own talent management company, Beyond Artistes.[8]

In 2014, she completed the 4th place for Master Chef All Stars Malaysia. In the same year, she released her 2nd international Chinese album in Taiwan. All the songs feature on chart of KKBox Taiwan and also other charts in Taiwan and Malaysia. The same year she played as the historical role of Hang Li Po in the tele movie titled "Takhta". The same year, she won awards for her Chinese songs.

In 2015, she won the "Media Choice Award" in Malaysia's most prestige Chinese music award (PWH). She was selected as the Top 10 Chinese actor and actress for NTV7. She also acted as the main lead for the drama "The Injustice Stranger". She held her first solo concert Inwinccible at Plenary Hall, KLCC, showcasing her talents in singing, languages and also dangerous stunts.[9] She invested RM500,000 of her own money for the concert after several sponsors pulled out due to a video she posted in August, where she urged the Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to resign.[9]

In end of 2015, her drama titled "Injustice Stranger" garnered the highest rating drama of the year while winning all 5 out of 5 online voting awards which includes Most Popular Actress, Most Popular Actors, Most Popular On Screen Couple, Most Popular Drama Song and Most Popular Drama.

2016-2017 (Malaysia Book Record of "1st Miss World To Achieve PhD" Artiste Holder, Owner Of Beyond Artistes Sdn Bhd, Motivational Speaker & Author & Film Actress)[edit]

In 2016, she restructured her company "Beyond Artistes" and managed to stand up from her downfall and settled her concert debts by declaring not receiving income for one year. She performed and acted non stop to clear off her debts and manage to save her company within less than a year and now her company is expanding. While facing so many things at one go, she managed to complete her PHD research and passed her VIVA on 31 May.[1] She is officially Dr Soo Wincci on 31st Oct where her convocation was held at PWTC after pursuing her 6 years of PhD Journey in Business Administration at Open University Malaysia. In conjunction of her convocation, she was also awarded by The Malaysia Book of Records as the national title holder of "The 1st Miss World Malaysia To Receive PhD".

Also, in 2017, she transformed herself to become an author by writing and producing her 1st book and audio book titled "Inwinccible X". She also started to become a music producer by writing, composing and producing her self created 1st motivational pop song titled "I Am X A Loser". Her Drama "I Am Not a Loser" Also geared the highest rating chinese drama of 2017. Besides that, she also dedicated herself few months to become a motivational speaker by holding her 1st motivational talk tour by giving motivational talks to 20 over universities across Malaysia to inspire the students nationwide.[10]

In 2017, she transformed herself from a drama actress to a movie actress by having two Malay films out in the cinema titled "Sindiket" & "Kau Yang Satu". Her Performance as a Villain in Kau Yang Satu as Isabella was an eye opener for the audience as she let go of her innocent image by acting as a super bad character inside the movie. She received a lot of good reviews from the industry and also from the audience.

In Aug 2017, her drama "Beautiful World" Is being nominated the final top 8 for 2017 Seoul International Drama Awards.

2017-2018 (Master In Music Production In Berklee & Online Reality Show Producer)[edit]

End of 2017, Wincci received an offer from Hollywood renowned & the world top 1 Music School, Berklee to do her second Master In Music Production, Innovation & Technology. She wanted to integrate herself into an International Artist Music Producer. In conjunction of this, she and her Beyond Artiste team decided to self produce a new self created version of reality show, showing her process of getting her second Master and to becoming a Music Producer.

Music Albums[edit]

Year Album Track listing
2009 Soo Wincci
2010 Ying Guang(盈光)
2012 In My Heart (在我心上)
2012 Su Wincci
2012 Happiness (幸福就好)(Produced In Taiwan)
2013 Mei Wei De Xiang Nian (美味的想念 電視原聲帶)(Produced In Taiwan)
2014 Wincci 蘇盈之 (Produced In Taiwan)
2015 Simply Inwinccible Concert Theme Song (Produced In USA)
2015 Injustice Stranger Soundtrack (我的男友不是人電視原聲帶)
2016 Graduation Song (Bye Soo Wincci,Hi Dr.Soo Wincci )
2017 Motivational Pop Song(Theme Song For "I Am Not A Loser" Drama)

Drama Acting[edit]

  • 2008: Mr Siao Mandarin Classes (Sitcom) (Cameo)
  • 2009: Injustice (Malaysia & Singapore Chinese Drama) (Supporting Actress)
  • 2010: Destiny In Her Hands (Malaysia & Singapore Chinese Drama) (Supporting Actress)
  • 2012: Backlight Lovers (Taiwanese Chinese Drama) (Cameo)
  • 2013: Biniku Gongxi (Malay Telemovie) (Main Lead)
  • 2014: Takhta 3 Ratu (Malay Super Telemovie & Theatre) (Main Lead)
  • 2015: Injustice Stranger (Malaysia Chinese Drama) (Main Lead)
  • 2016: Beautiful World (Malaysia Chinese Drama) (Main Lead)
  • 2017: I Am Not A Loser (Malaysia Chinese Drama (Main Lead)



  • Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap 2 (2014)
  • Sindiket (2017)
  • Kau Yang Satu (2017)


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