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Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai
Owner Rakuten Inc.
Alexa rank Negative increase 2,860 (May 2017)[1]
Registration Optional
Launched 1998
Current status Active

Soompi is an English-language website providing coverage of Korean pop culture.[2] It has one of the largest international Internet community for K-pop,[3] mostly concentrated in news and forums. With more than 22 million fans across all platforms, Soompi offers English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Thai services to cater to people from non-English speaking countries.[4]

Since its establishment in the late 1990s, Soompi has grown into an authoritative source for Korean popular culture, and is one of the longest-running, and most frequently visited websites providing coverage of K-pop music.[5][6][7][8]

At first, its visitors were mostly Koreans residing in foreign nations, with over 1.2 million people visiting the site. Currently, however, the majority of its members are non-Koreans in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, among others.[9][10]

Soompi was founded in 1998 by Korean American web developer Susan Kang;[11][12] the site quickly gained traction with fans throughout the world.[10] In February 2011, Soompi was acquired by Enswers, Inc.,[13][14][15] a Seoul-based IT venture company specializing in video search technology,[16] and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of it.

Soompi launched Soompi France in 2011 and Soompi Spanish in 2012, and it works closely with major Korean entertainment agencies such as JYP Entertainment,[17] S.M. Entertainment,[18] and YG Entertainment.[19][20]

Viki acquired Soompi on August 19, 2015.[21]


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