Soomra dynasty

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The Soomro dynasty
سومرن جو سلسله
Capital Thari (in present-day Badin District in Sindh)
Languages Sindhi (native language)
Arabic (liturgical language)
Government Monarchy
 •  1024–1030 Sardar Soomar (first)
 •  1333–1351
1351–1355 in exile
 •  Soomro dynasty begins 1024
 •  Soomro dynasty ends 1351
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Habbari dynasty
Samma dynasty

The Soomro dynasty (Sindhi: سومرن جو سلسله‎) were rulers from the Indian subcontinent.[1] They ruled in the Sindh region of present-day Pakistan from 1024 to 1351.

The Soomro tribe revolted against Masud, ruler of the Ghaznavids. They were superseded by the Samma dynasty.[2]

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